Joshua Taylor-Myles Source: Instagram

Aussie Rugby Player Told to Cover Up Homophobic Tattoo or Not Play


When much-inked rugby player Joshua Taylor-Myles was chosen to compete in the NSWRL Luke Lewis Cup last week, attention was paid to two offensive tattoos on his thighs. One reads: 'eat s*** fa***t', and the second, 'snort lines and f***'. Both are written in a readable, elegant script, and align with each other.

Pictures of Taylor-Miles went viral on Sunday, prompting his south-western Sydney club, the Aquinas Colts, to delete the pictures from social media, writes the Daily Mail.

"At least two images of Taylor-Myles' legs were wiped from the club's social media pages as commentators blasted the tatts as 'disgusting' and social media users called for the athlete to laser them off."

He was also given an ultimatum. In a separate report, the Daily Mail writes: "On Monday morning, a NSWRL spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia: 'Cronulla JRL has issued the player an official warning and asked him to cover the offending tattoos if he wishes to continue to play in any sanctioned NSWRL competition.

The offending tattoos

"The NSWRL and Cronulla JRL are committed to providing a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all people, including those of diverse sexualities and genders. Being an inclusive sport not only reflects our core values, it also reflects the diversity of our local communities.

"We have a zero-tolerance to any form of bullying, harassment or vilification towards people with diverse sexualities and genders."

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Taylor-Myles and Aquinas Colts for comment.

The father of one has not responded to questions about his tattoos.

In an unearthed photo shared to social media in 2020, a former teammate once described him as "all looks, no idea".

On Twitter the condemnation came swift and fast:

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