U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) speaks with reporters as she leaves the U.S. Capitol for the weekend on May 17, 2024 in Washington, DC. Boebert answered questions on the House Oversight Committee's meeting to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Is It Any Surprise that Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert Made a Homophobic Pete Buttigieg Joke?

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Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert keeps trying to make homophobia cool, and it's just not working out for her.

In her latest homophobic attack, Boebert tried to come after Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg with comments about his sexuality and status as a father, LGBTQ Nation reported.

The pair have been in a very public spat after Boebert took credit for funding in her district that she actually voted against in Congress.

"Congresswoman, in what way do you believe that your support helped this project?" Buttigieg asked Boebert about a funding package that will benefit infrastructure improvements in her district. "We chose it because it's a good project, and funded it using President Biden's infrastructure package, which you voted against."

Hoping to make herself look better, she tried to appeal to her homophobic fan base.

"Mayor Pete, maybe you were out chest-feeding and missed my letter, but I personally wrote you about this in June 2022," Boebert said. Then she tried to again discredit the bill as wasteful.

"Only 13 RINOs in the House voted for your Green New Deal non-infrastructure bill you are touting that wastes hundreds of millions on climate change instead of roads and bridges," she said. "And infrastructure grants have been doled out by administrations on both sides for decades so don't act like you are the sole provider of this funding."

That last point has led many online to believe that Boebert just doesn't understand how Congress works: Congress authorizes spending, and that authorization requires reps like her to support them for approval.

Her seemingly not understanding this process was called out online.

"Look at you trying so hard," wrote one social media user. "You voted against the Infrastructure Bill that the grants come from. Had it worked out your way the money wouldn't be there to even be had. The letters from your office personnel after the fact mean nothing. You voted no."

Another social media user added, "Nothing says MAGA politician quite like resorting to bigotry when you are called out for your lies."

And then there was Boebert's thinly-veiled attempt to try and shame Buttigieg for actually caring for his children, and some social media users absolutely weren't having that.

Posting the mugshots of Boebert's son, another social media user tweeted, "Maybe you should take some notes on how to parent from the Buttigiegs."


by Emell Adolphus

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