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Alberta's Wellness Retreats: Finding Serenity in the Great Outdoors


Perhaps you've heard one of the characters in a historical English movie saying the words "going to take the waters". Or maybe you're more familiar with the commonly-used phrase "take the air". Either way, these terms both encompass the same thing - wellness, the type you can only get outdoors.

Finding time to reconnect with nature and detach yourself from the digital world can be an amazing experience. Thankfully, the wide open scenery, serenity, and unique topography of Alberta make it a perfect outdoor destination for wellness retreats. In this article, we'll explore the natural wonders of the Albertan outdoors and how best you can make the most of it to improve your overall well-being.

The Allure of Alberta's Wilderness

Taking the time to focus on your mental health and general well-being is a no-brainer because it's all too easy to get caught up with daily routines. Every once in a while, we all need some peace to decompress, to detox, to be away from the constant intrusions of technology. Alberta is a beautiful outdoor destination for retreats because there's a little bit of everything. From snow-capped mountains to natural hot springs, crystal clear lakes, forests and untouched wilderness, Alberta's diversity is a therapeutic wonder.

Regardless of age, culture, or background, all humans respond in much the same way to being immersed in nature. It not only makes you feel better emotionally and mentally, but it contributes to your physical well-being through a reduction of heart rate, blood pressure, muscle strain, and stress hormones. Because the human mind is genetically hardwired to find flowers, trees, plants, water, and the natural elements soothing, it's easy to get absorbed in the natural beauty of Alberta's sceneries, a befitting distraction from discomfort, stress, or pain.

Wellness Retreats Amidst Nature's Embrace

The ultimate goal of a wellness retreat is to grow and possibly evolve through self-discovery in ways that can make you a healthier person. Learning a new skill is oftentimes a part of this journey, so it's essential to intentionally seek out those activities that will improve you through workshops and assisted learning from an expert. Some wellness retreat locations in Alberta that offer you the opportunity for self-discovery through immersive outdoor experiences include:

  • Zen Wellness Retreats - Bragg Creek, Alberta
  • Harmonic Hills - Sangudo, Alberta
  • OAK Wholistic International Retreats at TheShareable Wave - Calgary, Alberta
  • Folk Tree Lodge - Bragg Creek, Alberta

    There are wellness retreats for nearly every activity and interest in Alberta. Regardless of where you choose to spend your time, it's essential to include detoxifying activities such as:

  • Yoga: In addition to being a great workout routine, yoga offers mental health benefits for people of all ages. There are several varieties, from meditative yoga to couples' yoga and intensive routines for experienced yogis.
  • Meditation: Entering a complete state of mindfulness can have healing effects on the body and help create a better version of yourself. But trying to achieve it on your own may not be easy. At a wellness retreat, the serenity and peaceful environment, along with the assistance of professionals help a whole lot.
  • Hiking: The restorative power of nature can be tapped into by participating in nature walks, fishing trips, and foraging expeditions. Hiking through mountainous landscapes or river/lake crossings can be rejuvenating.

    Learning New Skills and Leisure Activities

    The ultimate goal of a wellness retreat is to grow and possibly evolve through self-discovery in ways that can make you a healthier person. Learning new skills is often a part of this journey, so it's essential to seek out activities that will enhance your well-being through workshops and guided sessions. Whether it's mastering yoga poses amidst Alberta's natural beauty or delving into the art of meditation in serene environments, these retreats offer opportunities for personal growth and relaxation.

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    Physical Rejuvenation in Alberta's Wilderness

    Spending time in the wide expanse of Alberta's untouched wilderness is a relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating experience. The ambience is relaxed, the air feels refreshed, and the chirping sounds of birds accompanied by rustling leaves are calming with astonishing effects. To make the most of the rejuvenating properties of the Albertan wilderness, get involved in activities such as hiking, kayaking, and forest bathing.

    Shinrin-yoku (Japanese for Forest Bathing) originated in Japan in the 80s and is the practice of walking mindfully through the forest using your five senses to heighten awareness. It has been found to lower heart rate and consequently reduce blood pressure. Unlike hiking, Shinrin-yoku does not encourage sticking to a defined route. It is not a physical exercise routine, but rather a slow natural pace through the wilderness.

    Embracing Nature's Healing Touch

    There are few things that have no negatives attached to them, and being one with nature is certainly one. Making arrangements for a wellness retreat in one of Alberta's fine locations is something you're never going to regret. The natural benefits of being outdoors are the ultimate medical answer to healthy living, perfect mental and physical well-being, and balance.

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