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An Abashed Andy Cohen Apologizes for Kate Middleton Comments

Kilian Melloy READ TIME: 2 MIN.

Returning to his Sirius XM radio show April 1 after a week away, Andy Cohen addressed his comments about Kate Middleton, and having added to the conspiracy theories that swirled around her absence from the public eye, saying, "I wish I had kept my mouth shut," The Hollywood Reporter relayed.

Cohen was swift to "address his jokes about Middleton prior to her reveal that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy," THR detailed.

Vogue assembled a timeline of events, detailing that "In mid-January, Kensington Palace first announced that the princess underwent a 'planned abdominal surgery.'"

That announcement sparked conspiracy theories online and the princess "became the subject of some of the wildest and most widespread conspiracy theories in recent memory, with internet users across multiple platforms speculating about both her health and the true location of her whereabouts," Vogue went on to detail.

A photo of the princess shopping with her husband was released in the midst of the viral conspiracy theories, but only succeeded in sparking new conspiracy theories instead of putting the old ones to rest.

An obviously manipulated photo of Middleton with the children she and Prince William share only inflamed things further. Middleton issued a public apology, explaining that she had been experimenting with editing photos.

It was finally revealed that Middleton's surgery had been to remove tissue that was later confirmed to be cancerous, and that Middleton is now receiving chemotherapy.

Calling himself "heartbroken" over Middleton's health issues, Cohen said, "I think someone on Sky News called me a 'numpty' during that whole conversation, and they were right." "Numpty" is British slang for a dolt or fool.

Ruing his japes, Cohen added: "I wish I had kept my mouth shut, and we are all praying for Princess Kate and King Charles."

"Cohen came under fire last month, with many calling on him to apologize, after he questioned Princess Kate's whereabouts and remarked on a video released by TMZ claiming to show the princess out with husband William," Deadline recalled.

Variety said that "When video footage of Middleton appearing to visit a farm shop circulated online last month, Cohen tweeted, 'That ain't Kate ...'"

"He also posted a screenshot of Middleton's controversial Mother's Day photo to his Instagram story and asked: 'Is this Princess Kate?'"

On his radio show on April 1, Cohen made a point to tell listeners that he "just had to say that right at the beginning. It's the first opportunity back in front of a live microphone."

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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