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Watch: A Trans Version of 'Legally Blonde' Would be Dylan Mulvaney's 'Dream'

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Trans actress Dylan Mulvaney opened up about the parts she'd like to play – including "a trans 'Legally Blonde," Deadline reported.

Mulvey was at SXSW when IMDb caught up with her for an interview for its "Take 5" segment in which Mulvaney spoke about her hidden talents ("I have double-jointed elbows") and what she might do if she had a role behind the camera ("I think I would probably want to style or design," Mulvaney said, adding that she found the costuming on "Feud: Capote vs. The Swans" to be outstanding).

Describing her dream projects, the TikTok influencer – who has more than 10 million followers on the platform – "said that her dream theater role was to play Glinda in 'Wicked,'" Deadline relayed, "but her 'dream dream' was to portray the Harvard Law School student that Reese Witherspoon famously played in the 2001 film."

"I wanna play Elle Woods," Mulvaney told IMDb, name-checking the main character Reese Witherspoon played in the film, "and have maybe a trans Emmett and a trans Paulette."

Explaining why she would want to make a trans version of the iconic movie, Mulvaney said, "I think what's so cool about plugging trans people into existing stories is it inherently changes what the topic is, but in a way that you don't actually have to do much to the script because it becomes something different – but actually, I think it makes it even more powerful."

The movie gave rise to a 2008 stage musical of the same name that ran on Broadway, the article noted, and a touring production followed several years later. Though the original film got a sequel in 2003, no film adaptation of the stage musical has been made... yet.

Maybe that would be the ideal opportunity for a trans version of the beloved comedy? Mulvaney is, after all, a singer as well as an actress.

To watch Mulvaney's Take 5 interview with IMDb, follow this link.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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