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Streaming Queer: April 2024

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 8 MIN.

This month's streaming offering is equal parts horny and haunting, stylish and seductive, daring and devastating.

Whether you're in the mood for a suspenseful true-crime retelling, or you've been dying to see Andrew Scott as con-man Tom Ripley, we've got the show for you. April brings the long-awaited Nicholas Galtizine slutty period piece, a new season with the messy Australian teens of "Heartbreak High," Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke in Pedro Almodóvar's queer Western, and a return to the Hollywood pregnancy horror of "American Horror Story: Delicate" which has somehow crafted a reason for Kim K and Emma Roberts to kiss on screen. Happy Streaming!


Several beautiful films have told the story of queer artist Frida Kahlo's life and creative inspiration; This documentary is unique in that it tells Kahlo's story using her own words –through readings from her diaries, letters, and interviews, "brought vividly to life by lyrical animation" of her artwork. We also hear about Frida in the words of her friends and lovers, including her husband, Diego Rivera. This film follows the "magical journey through the life, mind, and heart" of Frida Kahlo, covering the bus accident that disabled the artist, her fierce feminism and passion for the Revolution, her striking self-portraits, and her lovers of many genders. "Frida" is a visual feast, and a true insight into the life of a spectacular, singular icon.

"Frida" is now streaming on Prime Video.

"Dead Hot" Season 1

"Dead Hot" follows the wild and dangerous adventures of Elliot (Bilal Hasna) and Jess (Vivian Oparah), twenty-something best friends who bonded over the disappearance of Peter (Olisa Odele), who was Elliot's boyfriend and Jess's brother. Peter was assumed dead five years ago, but now their grief and coming-of-age angst collides with chasing mysterious neon clues signaling that Peter may actually be alive. The show has wonderfully sharp humor and heart, giving both "Search Party" and "Pretty Little Liars" vibes as the friends follow their desperation to discover the truth, whatever the cost, while being distracted by hot guys and trying to keep up as the world as they know it twists and turns into something entirely new.

"Dead Hot" Season 1 is now streaming on Tubi.

"American Horror Story: Delicate" Season 1, Part 2

In case you missed Kim K and Emma Roberts sharing a kiss in the trailer for the second half of this Hollywood pregnancy horror series, "AHS: Delicate" is back, baby! Roberts stars as Anna Victoria Alcott, an actress whose award season campaigning feels increasingly terrifying. The symptoms of her pregnancy include talons poking out of her belly, the craving to crunch on bones, and threats from the women around her –Kim Kardashian's character, Alcott's publicist Siobhan Corbyn, among them. The trailer frequently flashes with bloody scenes related to giving birth, and a character played by Tavi Gevinson (queen bee of troublesome teachers in the "Gossip Girl" reboot) urgently trying to warn her away from something. The final episodes bring an escalation of the horrors awaiting Alcott, with queer actors Cara Delevingne and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez's storyline suggesting a powerful cult that takes newborn babies as payment for one's deepest desires coming true.

"American Horror Story: Delicate" Season 1, Part 2 premieres April 4 on Hulu.

"Tig Notaro: Hello Again"

This one-hour comedy special from out comedian Tig Notaro (directed by her wife, Stephanie Allynne) is comprised of jokes about life as she "faces absurdities, from hallucinatory texts to a surreal Hollywood meeting." EDGE's review of the special describes the comedy's style as waning in the second half, but worth diving into for the laughs she delivers successfully in the first. "Notaro mines familiar sources that comics have long turned to for material: family (her wife, her kids, her mother), air travel, issues around aging, and sexuality," writes EDGE reporter Killian Melloy, telling of the "pure gold" in her storytelling of a health crisis that led to an "I get it now!" encounter with hot firemen.

"Tig Notaro: Hello Again" is streaming now on Prime Video.

"Physical: 100" Season 2

The second season of this abs-focused Korean competition series goes underground, with new challenges that raise the stakes and expand the arena. Season 2 brings 100 new incredibly fit contestants with bodies "of all ages, gender identities and fitness backgrounds" to push the limits in strength, strategy, and endurance –including Olympic gold medalists, UFC legends, and MMA experts. In typical Korean TV excellence, this series is gripping, bringing an emotional reality and highlighting endearing personalities in each phase of the contest. Almost everyone is shirtless –abs on display and muscled arms glistening with sweat– the entire time. And for that, we sincerely thank them.

"Physical: 100" Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

"Loot" Season 2

This new season of "Loot" continues billionaire Molly Wells' (Maya Rudolph) attempts at philanthropy while she reluctantly learns about everyday things that the rest of us cannot escape; Most notably in the trailer: the word "meeting" and being sent PDFs. Season 2 is set a year after finalizing her widely publicized divorce, seeing Molly completely swear off men so that she can commit fully to her work, which includes a housing initiative called Space For Everyone. She's also very publicly committed to giving away every last cent of her $120-billion fortune. We're most delighted to reunite with Molly's loyal assistant, Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster), and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez's character Sofia, who continues to keep things professional as she does most of the Wells Foundation's actual work.

"Loot" Season 2 premieres April 3 on Apple TV+.

"Ripley" Season 1

"Someone is dead in Rome, and Signore Ripley is missing." This limited-series adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (which was adapted into a Matt Damon-starring 1999 film of the same title) delivers drama, death, and daring acts of deception. Filmed in an appropriately-eerie style for the twisted web that the titular conman (played by a chilling, secretive Andrew Scott) leaves in his mysterious wake, "Ripley" follows Tom Ripley from 1960s New York to Italy as he employs an elaborate scheme to convince a wealthy man's son to return from an extended vacation. Johnny Flynn, Dakota Fanning, and John Malkovich co-star alongside Scott.

"Ripley" Season 1 premieres April 4 on Netflix.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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