Looking for a Drag Weed Show? Mackenzie Brings '4/20 Honey' to Ptown in April


The Crown & Anchor presents Provincetown's original weed drag show, "4/20 Honey: Honey, I Smoked the Weed." This new, limited-run show will be on stage at the Crown & Anchor's Paramount Club on April 18 and 20 at 8:00 PM. Tickets are on sale now and are available at

From Mackenzie's kaleidoscopic mind comes Provincetown's only cannabis drag fantasy, "4/20 Honey!" Inspired by the magical and nostalgic world of 90s films and set against the backdrop of the lush ecosystems of Ptown, follow Mackenzie and her creepy-crawly friends into the micro-verse of "Honey, I Smoked the Weed."

"This spectravaganza of a show is certain to dazzle all of your senses whether or not you partake in the high holy day of 4/20," said Mackenzie. "It's a limited run of only two nights, so make sure to grab your tickets in advance and prepare to be big-time astounded by this teeny-tiny world!"

Back for its fourth year, this larger-than-life spectacle is packed with a powerhouse lineup of Provincetown queer talent. Mackenzie, one of the Crown & Anchor's resident headliners, will be joined by Qya Cristál, Delta Miles, Roxy Pops, Austin Tyler, Jizzelle, Jake Glass, Hilarie Tamar, Brittany Rolfs, Duchess of Sandwich, Joāo Santos, Morgan Sapphire, Scarlett Strausse, Anita Cocktail and more!

"Equal parts drag artistry and cannabis-inspired creativity, the 4/20 Honey experience at the Crown & Anchor is the highly entertaining annual tradition we all look forward to thanks to Mackenzie's imagination and the sheer talent of so many of our amazing local performers," said Jonathan Hawkins, co-owner of the Crown & Anchor. "Come see what all the buzz is about!"

The Crown & Anchor will also be "going green" for the 4/20 weekend with a pre-show "Weed Fair" at the Wave Bar on 4/18 & 4/20 and Andrew Lenox's Mushroom Head after-party each night after the show.

For additional details, to purchase tickets to 4/20 Honey, or to book your stay at the hotel, visit

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