Elizabeth Berkley at the Academy Museum's David Geffen Theater Source: Twitter

The Gays Give a Tearful 'Showgirls' Star Elizabeth Berkley the Royal Treatment

Emell Adolphus READ TIME: 1 MIN.

After nearly 30 years later, "Showgirls" star Elizabeth Berkley is finally feeling the love for starring in the much-maligned 1995 film.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, a sold-out crowd of 1,200 people at the Academy Museum's David Geffen Theater gave Berkley three standing ovations on Wednesday as she introduced the campy film that has gone on to have a cult following.

A tearful Berkley, 49, was wearing glittery eyeshadow and a tailored tuxedo, similar to what she wore in the film. In her remarks, she recounted thinking that she might receive an Oscar for the film and how "every girl in Hollywood had fought for this role," she said, adding, "So it was not a strange thing to ask."

She told the crowd that 'Showgirls' really "pushed the boundaries at that time that now have been embraced – not misunderstood but truly embraced. And I'm so grateful that the film has found its way not only in your hearts but especially the LGBTQ community." A comment that brought the crowd to its feet again.

"You stood by the film," she said, growing tearful. "You always believed, as did I, and for that I'm eternally grateful."

We are grateful, too. See the wonderful moment below.

by Emell Adolphus

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