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Maluma Celebrates Upcoming Fatherhood with Sizzling Playgirl Spread


What does an international music superstar do to celebrate the upcoming birth of his future daughter? For Malumu, the Reggaeton trap-pop hitmaker it was simple: pose for a sexy spread in the reborn web version of Playgirl Magazine. And he did so with a reason – he wants the daughter he is having with his girlfriend Susana to be aware that the world sees him a sex symbol.

It also marks a change in the 30-year-old pop star's outlook, which began, according the Playgirl story, when he announced the pregnancy in his music video "Procura" last October. They have already given their daughter the name Paris.

Maluma tells Playgirl that a "period of time" will be devoted to Susana and Paris, but he anticipates the day when his daughter will see that the world sees him as a sex symbol and hopes "it will have a positive effect on the way she thinks about her sexuality and bodily autonomy in a Puritanical world where most young women are punished and shamed for both."

He also acknowledges the big lifestyle change from player to family man. "He knows he's already spent the past decade "enjoying the spoils of his 'nice life' with enough V.I.P. clubs, 'crazy' sexcapades, and last-minute trips to Miami, where he was 'living hard' by "drinking a lot and spending a lot of time with women," writes Playgirl.

"I was living a moment that I dreamt about," he recalls. "But if you really think about it, it's not a healthy life or a way to celebrate your success." Maluma sighs, "I just got tired of feeling like nothing of this craziness was myself."

His evolved attitude came through his devotion to Buddhism, which grounded him and disciplined to a new level that he didn't know existed. He also met Susana, an architect and designer who prefers a low profile, who shares his desire for a "totally different lifestyle."

"With her," Playgirl continues, "he wants to embrace his new role as a family man, and she knows the way he'll provide for them is by singing about sex and romance to millions of people. Not to mention, 'training even harder, working out harder and getting hotter every day.'"

His experience with Susana, Playgirl continues, taught him that the key to being both a dedicated family man and a suave sex god is understanding "how to balance his life" as both Maluma and Juan Luis Londoño Arias (his real-name), while still staying true to who he is.

Nor did Susana object in the least to the Playgirl spread, which contains the shirtless and much-tatted singer/songwriter in a variety of poses and styles of sportswear.

"Like she was super happy about me doing the [Playgirl] cover. She was like, 'No way! I love it. You're going to show the world that you're stronger than ever. That you're the best version right now. You're showing the world that you're killing it.' Because she knows that's my career."

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