Drake Von Might Be the Biggest Rising Star in Adult Entertainment

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 6 MIN.

Who knew wearing only a silver chain and red underwear in the countryside could be so erotic? Usually, rural settings are where density is low, but for Drake, his Hollisters suggest otherwise. Did you know the Hollister brand was created in 2000 by Abercrombie, but they created a fake backstory for marketing in which they claimed a California man named John Hollister started the brand in 1922.

People have different opinions about taking side profile pictures. It's a technique that can accentuate a model's least favorite areas or in darker spots, create bulging silhouettes. In this case Drake seems proud of both.

The problem with leather is that even though it's durable if it gets wet you have to treat it, so it doesn't fall to pieces. The same might be said about adult content creators.

Skateboarding is a physical sport that requires lots of skill and protective gear. If you practice enough, you can learn tricks like Ollies or Hardflips. Drake is obviously not dressed for any of those, but it looks like he's ready for some kind of trick.

The holidays are a time for giving, and Drake is certainly giving in this photo. His look is classic Santa fantasy with suspenders and a red fur-trimmed cap. But he's missing the coat. Do you think he should have the jacket on or jacket off?

Cocktails: check. Sexy bodies: check. Twins: Czech. This thirsty threesome is in Puerto Vallarta, a busy Mexican resort town where ships come to load and unload. Puerto Vallarta is also known for its watersports, beaches, and tropical jungles. We wonder which of those things these three are going to explore.

The lens flare effect in this photo makes it feel more dramatic when paired with the vibrant colors of Drake's cloak and the red Versace robe draped over the sectional. It is obvious that Versace loves the body and everything to do with it. Drake is wearing their thigh-hugging signature Greca border boxers in blue which proves that point.

by Timothy Rawles

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