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10 Posts That Show Why Reno Gold is Still in Mint Condition

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 12 MIN.

Although he takes his name from his hometown also known as "The Biggest Little City in the World," Reno Gold's career is anything but small. The 29-year-old star has amassed hundreds of thousands of OnlyFans subscribers. But that's not all, his Instagram account is also booming, and his YouTube channel has over 200K subs.

The adult entertainment industry has always been profitable but since COVID revenue has spiked significantly. It's estimated that in 2024 global earnings will reach $101 billion. To have a horse in that race and be a popular star is no small feat. In fact, according to PornHub, Gold was the seventh most-searched-for gay porn star in 2023.

Despite value judgments and conservative thinking, most erotic stars are normal people doing a job and getting paid. Gold is no exception. He comes from a Christian family and has two sisters. He was a gymnast which is why he can contort his body the way he does, and after that, he became stripper which then led to OnlyFans.

When asked by Interview Magazine if he ever saw himself doing anything else, he had a fascinating answer.

"No. Back then, I wouldn't have admitted it, but ever since I knew what porn was, I knew I wanted to do it. So I kind of had this plan ever since I found out what porn was, which was probably around 14, 15."

Since we can't show you content from Gold's OnlyFans page because, one, that would be copyright infringement, and two, you're probably at work, we'll give you 10 glimpses of the star from his social media pages that don't quite show it all, but certainly show enough.

"Ab Fab" isn't just a short name for a popular British sitcom; it should also be the title of this photo. Gold says he has worked out every day since his time performing as a gymnast. In fact, he never gives a trip to the gym a second thought. Furthermore, he shares exercise tips on his YouTube channel so you too can have an Instagram body like his.

There's a body type that was popular in the 19th century called a wasp waist because of the hornet-like shape it gave the torso. But you had to pull a corset tight around your ribs to get it. Gold doesn't need any help with that because his body is naturally cinched that way and already packs a formidable stinger.

This photo could be captioned "Desert Gold" not because of the landscape but because Reno's bronze skin looks polished against the backdrop of the afternoon sky. Even though no one is pushing him on the swing, hydropower created by all his salivating fans drooling over his perfectly sculpted body would provide enough energy to move it.

Gold and Sean Ford share a bed in this photo that looks like a pillow fight's about to happen. But they are actually getting ready to film a scene from their movie "High Noon." Unlike the 1952 western of the same name starring Gary Cooper, this movie features a different kind of gunfight.

They call this '90s fashion trend "sagging" and it originated with hip-hop musicians. Gold is bringing that fashion back right down to the JNCO-inspired jeans. With a boho-style surfer necklace around his neck, the social media star is triggering our Y2K fears all over again.

by Timothy Rawles

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