8 of Adult Content Creator Paul Cassidy's Best Instagram Posts

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 9 MIN.

They say reading is fundamental because it's crucial to communication. But there is also a thing called body language that can also send a message. It isn't clear which of those Paul is emphasizing here, but the term "bookworm" suddenly comes to mind.

The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plain but there's nothing plain about this wrestling singlet Paul's wearing. The sports garment is supposed to be comfortable enough so that you can move freely while trying to pin your opponent to the ground. In a sport that uses limbs as leverage we have to wonder which one Paul uses in his signature move.

The lighting through the window makes Paul's arms look like the beautiful sandstone dunes of Northern Arizona. Smoothly curved and shaded his body catches the light like a summer sunset in late August. In keeping with the theme of describing the desert one fan's response to this photo is accurate, they call him "Hot-a-licious."

Just south of Cancun, is Tulum, Mexico where this photo was taken. It has lush beaches, mysterious caves and ancient Mayan ruinas. Apparently, it's also a place where adult content creators like Paul come to make breathtaking views of their own. Stealing the spotlight from Paul's perfect upper body are his clingy Calvin Klein briefs which are clearly focused on what's going on below.

by Timothy Rawles

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