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After Posting Mean-Spirited Tweet, Michael Lucas Claims Victim Status


Adult film producer Michael Lucas is no stranger to controversy. CBS News called him "Gay Porn Neocon Kingpin" in a headline in 2008, when his outspoken views favoring Israel went public. Since then the former columnist, who wrote for the New York Blade and the Advocate, has continued to be divisive in his politics.

This week is no exception after an 'X' tweet he made last month went viral. In it Lucas posted a tweet of an Israeli missile that he boldly signed. The projectile is part of the artillery that the Israelis are using to bomb Gaza.

"Hahaha I actually asked to write my name," Michael Lucas, 51, owner of porn production shop Lucas Entertainment, tweeted on Dec. 17 alongside an image of the signed projectile, reports the New York Post.

"Lucas, who has produced and starred in films such as 'Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita' has long been an outspoken supporter of the land of milk and honey," the Post noted. "His 'Men Of Israel' was the first major adult film to feature an all Jewish cast."

He has, the Post adds, "been a generous donor to Israeli causes – which has continued during the country's war with Hamas."

And in an Instagram video, he received thanks from a squad of Israeli Defense Force soldiers. "Michael Lucas, thank you very much for the amazing night we had last night and you for your generosity. We love you. Thank you very much."

The photo first appeared last month as a response to conservative activist Jake Shields' outrage over his name (and others who oppose Israel's actions) being written on Israeli bombs. "Lucas responded that he requested his name be written on a bomb and then posted a pic to prove his claim, along with a mocking response," reported The Advocate.

"Got a pic before and after," Lucas posted along with a pic showing his name written in red on a bomb. "Did you get them too? Amazing difference!"

But blowback was quick and intense, with much of it coming from colleagues in the adult entertainment industry, some of whom are saying that will never work for Lucas Entertainment again.

Iranian-American porn star Shahrokh Mosavi Nejad, a.k.a. Sharok, condemned him on X to his 800,000 followers, using the hashtags #boycottmichaellucas and #boycottLucasEntertainment.

"I don't want to draw more attention to the post; I find it both saddening and reprehensible. For those that are inquiring, I will no longer be promoting my work with that studio, nor accepting future offers to work with them," Kyle Overton, who goes by the porn name Sean Xavier, told his more than 320,000 followers on X.

Others on Twitter were fast to criticize.

McSizzle@McSizzleXtreme commented on the #boycottLucasEntertainment thread: "Crazy Genocide Qween signs bombs to kill kids in Gaza.She also films her low budget videos on ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages. Guess she is as ugly on the inside as on her hideous outside. The fillers and filters don't work hunni".

In response to the criticism, Lucas told the Post from Tel Aviv: "The people trying to cancel me are nothing but vile antisemites. There is no other explanation for such hate for Israelis and such support for people who would murder Jews and gays in the most barbaric ways. I am not intimidated by this and I won't delete the tweet no matter how many threats I continue to receive."

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