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'Drag Race UK' Star The Vivienne Recounts 'Barrage of Abuse' During Homophobic Attack

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More details surrounding "Drag Race UK" star The Vivienne's assault at a UK McDonalds last summer have emerged from a personal statement read in court.

As reported by BBC, The Vivienne, real name James Lee Williams, shared that the attack caused him "stress, anguish and ongoing trauma."

According to BBC, magistrates ruled last month that the attack by Alan Whitfield, 51, was a hate crime.

Reading his personal statement in court, Williams shared that he has never hidden who he is as a "proud gay man."

"It shames me to say at the age of 31, I am now a lot more conscious that I could be attacked at any moment simply for living my life," Williams said, explaining that he suffered a "barrage of abuse" before being hit in the face with a "heavy blow."

The attack has reportedly changed the way The Vivienne interacts with strangers, saying Mr Williams, "I hope this person loves gay people," which he said was a "a crazy question to ask in 2023."

Whitfield pleaded guilty to the assault and claimed that the attack was not prompted by Williams' sexuality but because of an alleged comment about his skin.

Whitfield said his attention was drawn The Vivienne because his hair was colored green, and it made him ask: "What have you come as, an Oompa Loompa?"

Whitfield reportedly went on to say, "Look at the state of you. You look a show. Who are you trying to impress?"

When Williams responded "look at your face," Whitfield reportedly became "enraged" because he suffers from skin cancer.

Read the full ordeal at BBC.

by Emell Adolphus

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