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On Season Two of 'With Love,' Mark Indelicato Takes Jorge to the Next Level

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On the first season of the Amazon Prime series "With Love," Mark Indelicato plays Jorge, a gay man who in the series first episode introduces his bf to his Latinx family – the Diaz's -- at a Christmas gathering. The conceit of the series, created by Gloria Calderón Kellett ("One Day at a Time" reboot) follows Lily (Emeraude Toubia), his sister, and the extended Diaz family over various holidays during its five-episode arc that aired in 2021. Whether or not Jorge would get more serious with Henry (Vincent Rodriguez III) is one of the show's numerous romantic story arcs, which continues with the second season that recently premiered.

Indelicato has been busy lately, juggling his work on "With Love" with his ongoing role of Jean Smart's snarky assistant Damien on "Hacks." (Season Three has been delayed due to the writers' strike). EDGE caught up with Indelicato to talk about his work on "With Love" and "Hacks," and how his characters reflect his personal life.

Mark Indelicato and Vincent Rodriguez III on "With Love"
Source: Amazon Prime

EDGE: Tell us about "With Love?"

Mark Indelicato: Season Two picks up where Season One ended. In episode one of Season Two, the big cliffhanger question is answered. For me, the most rewarding parts of Season Two is the changes that we see in the sibling relationship between Lily and Jorge. Not everything is perfect. You can be best friends, but you're still siblings and there's going to be some discord. The show really digs deep into that. Its going to be a great Season Two.

EDGE: Who is Jorge at the core?

Mark Indelicato: I think that he's a family guy. I think that he is very much an image of his father in a lot of ways. I think that Jorge Jr. and Jorge Sr. have a lot in common. It's something that you get to see a little more of in Season Two. Jorge is also really coming into his own as a businessman, which we got to see in Season One, but we really explore it and take it to the next level.

EDGE: Are you anything like Jorge in real life?

Mark Indelicato: No! I love my family, but I don't see myself as a family man. I like the bachelor life.

Mark Indelicato and Vincent Rodriguez III on "With Love"
Source: Amazon Prime

EDGE: What's the most challenging part about playing Jorge?

Mark Indelicato: He's a hothead. He's always quick to escalate any situation. I do hate to admit it, but that is one of the similarities between the two of us. What's challenging is to play that part of him when you're shooting a scene for six hours. It can be tiring, but a lot of fun.

EDGE: If you could choose what your character is going to do, what would you like to see happen?

Mark Indelicato: While there are so many changes that we get to see, there's also a lot of consistency. The one thing that I was really happy and excited about when I was reading the scripts for Season Two is that we get to see different facets of him and get to see changes in his life and relationships. I am happy that we will explore the complexities of Henry and Jorge's relationship, but the fact that they love each other is very consistent. As an actor, it's hard to ground yourself when your character is in complete and utter chaos all the time.

EDGE: I love that the show includes characters who are in different life stages, sexual orientations, and gender expressions...

Mark Indelicato: It's definitely a reflection of real life. At least for me, my friends and the people that are closest to me in my life, we are all in different stages. It just makes it more interesting to watch. I think that it's fun and interesting as a viewer to watch a show that has such a diverse cast and to get to explore the multiplicity of identities. It's true to life. Honestly, if you're not hanging out with people of color, women, and gays, you're not having any fun.

Mark Indelicato on "Hacks"

EDGE: How do you feel that this show is challenging misconceptions about the Latinx community?

Mark Indelicato: It's very rare that a show is given the opportunity to challenge the preconceived notions about the Latinx community. I believe our show has taken big strides to eradicate some of these stereotypes, but it's surely not enough. I feel very grateful that we're able to see an affluent family. There's never a discussion about them having money trouble or things that we so often associate with the Latin community. It's so ridiculous to me to have to tell people again and again that not all Latinos are alike. We do not all come from the same place. I am very grateful that we're doing it in a way that also is comedic and funny. My hope is that this show will break the stereotypes that people have.

EDGE: What would you most like people to take away from Season 2 of "With Love?"

Mark Indelicato: I would like people to take away that families are a very complex unit, and that the trials and tribulations of familial relationships are inevitable and innate and will always exist. It's not about if there's conflict, it's about what you do with that – like, how you handle it.

EDGE: What can you tell us about the upcoming season of "Hacks?"

Mark Indelicato: Damien on "Hacks" could not be more different than Jorge. Aesthetically, I think that it's pretty wild. [On] "With Love" I get to wear Tom Ford and Gucci, then I go to "Hacks" and I've got on my good old Old Navy khakis and penny loafers. Season Three is so good. When you see the cliffhanger, you are going to be like, "What did I just watch?" When I read the script, I said, "Oh my God!" Similarly to "With Love," I am just having so much fun. I love the people that I get to work with every day on both sets. The comedy genius on "Hacks" is just wild. You will get to see a little bit more of Damien this season. I'm excited for everyone to see it when we get to finish it. The studios [need to] just pay the writers, and when they do, we can actually go back and finish filming.

by Steve Duffy

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