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Getting to Know Rising Out Influencer Noa Taieb

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If you want to start following a gay influencer who is worldly, handsome, and has a wide variety of interests, look no further than Noa Taieb.

The Frenchman boasts 117,000 Instagram followers and dazzles audiences with his smooth voice, toned physique and fascinating pictures and videos about his life on Instagram and TikTok. Taieb posts tutorials for shaving body hair, educational tidbits for those who want to learn a little bit more about France, and even some cooking how-to clips for aspiring meal-planning pros. Taieb is incredibly active on social media, making it difficult to pinpoint his best stuff. That's why we're here with a compilation for your satisfaction. Here are the best social media posts from upcoming influencer Noa Taieb!

Taieb gives a preview of his new swimwear he's about to debut in this IG video. The influencer talks about how summer as a season is very important to him, how it represents happiness, and the purpose of the business in his life. Taieb looks excited to expand his creative ventures with this new product line and we can't wait to see how it turns out!

Taieb is often very eco-conscious on all of his social media channels, and he's someone who doesn't just talk about it, but actually walks his talk. Taieb looks incredible shirtless on the beach as he helps to clean up waste and other debris in celebration of Earth Day. He looks to be working in conjunction with the Surfrider Foundation, a California non-profit that works to help clear the oceans and other bodies of water of garbage and toxins.

Taieb is certainly an active vacationer and loves to share his adventures on Instagram. Here he's visiting Sydney, Australia in early 2023 and enjoys some time reading in the Royal Botanical Garden and visiting art museums and galleries.

@noataieb i dropped a barbell on my forehead :(
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Taieb often shares with his audience how frustrating it can be to keep up with trimming and maintaining his body hair. While many of us enjoy a hairy hunk, it looks good to keep everything fresh and clean cut. Taieb shows off a montage of his routine by trimming his beard, neck, eyebrows, and more in this TikTok. You can find other videos with similar instructional guides and even product suggestions by Taieb.

One of the more popular videos by social media influencers these days is the "get ready with me" or morning routine video. Taieb gives the inside scoop on what he does each day he gets out of bed, such as working on his skincare, picking out the perfect ensemble, mixing up a protein shake for a workout, and then eating a nutritious lunch.

Taieb isn't afraid to get a little risqué at times with his audience. Here he decides to show off his backside in front of the gorgeous New South Wales Palm Beach in Australia. Most will be looking at the beautiful man at the forefront, but the scenic locale definitely adds to the incredible pictures.

It would appear Taieb wanted to go a little bloody on this Halloween collection of photos back in October of 2022. We don't know if he's trying to depict a specific character, but the gory costume is certainly sexy and saucy.

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Taieb talks briefly in this TikTok about his unique coming out journey. Unlike so many other queer people who have a "eureka" moment or a coming out speech to their friends and family, Taieb was somewhat outed simply by living his life authentically and dating another boy while in high school. Hopefully the world will become accepting enough for everyone to do this someday.

This thirst trap is sure to capture the eyes of all of Taieb's fanbase. The social media star sits in the sunshine in nothing but a bright yellow pair of underwear, and fans took notice of all of his attractive traits, even his teeth!

Taieb had a very public relationship with a man named Sal during his early years on YouTube and IG. When the couple broke up after nearly four years in July of 2022, Taieb took to Instagram to give a poignant farewell to his boyfriend and give his fans a heads up about the status of his romance.

Taieb shares some of the things he does to prepare a full course of meals for the week in this IG vid in which he chops up veggies with some marinated chicken and beautifully assembles the food in containers for convenient eating at a later time.

There are a lot of cute dogs on IG, but Noa Taieb's puppy is next-level adorable! The dog looks to already be in love with his owner, showing that Taieb is a great and caring pet person. We hope to see a lot more of the doggo in the future.

by Shawn Laib

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