A promotional shot of Jack Daniel's "small town, big pride" campaign, which debuted on June 17, 2021, featuring (L-R) drag queens Bebe Zahara Benet, Manila Luzon and Trinity the Tuck. The company is now facing calls for a boycott over the campaign.

Anti-Drag, Anti-Trans Conservatives Want to Cancel Jack Daniels Next


Anheuser-Busch and Nike are not the only two corporations facing boycotts after each embraced trans activist Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson.

This past week saw a move by conservatives to no longer drink Jack Daniels after a two-year old series of promos re-emerged featuring drag stars from "RuPaul's Drag Race." Newsweek writes: "Jack Daniels said in June 2021 that it had teamed up with three drag queens from the hit TV show to produce a series of videos called Drag Queen Summer Glamp, which was released during pride month. It features the participants completing challenges around the company's Lynchburg, Tennessee, distillery."

The videos featured Bebe Zahara Benet, Trinity the Tuck, and Manila Luzon, who go to Summer Glamp at the Lynchburg-based Jack Daniel's distillery.

"Somehow the ads are getting renewed attention and have inspired a campaign to boycott the brand entirely. To be clear, not everyone is calling for the boycott, but some irate customers have taken to social media to swear off sipping the pricey whiskey from here on out," writes Distractify.

In 2021, when the spots were released, Lauren Richmond, then-brand manager for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire, explained the concept as "a bold new experience – for both the queens and their hosts." She added that the partnership "reaffirms our commitment to the LGBTQ community," but admitted it was an "unexpected partnership."

Distractify adds that Trinity the Tuck said, "Jack Daniel's gets drag culture, which is all about celebrating individuality and inviting others to accept you as you are." `PManila Luzon added about the timing of the promos, which coincided with Pride month in 2021, "This is how Pride should be celebrated: with friends – new and old – in a place you would never expect."

Perhaps these critics are coming out of a two-year hangover and just realized the offending videos existed.

Whatever the reason, they have piled them on this week:

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