Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

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Previously only available on Blu-ray in a Best Buy only edition, "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy (The Unrated Mahogany Edition)" is finally getting a wide Blu release just weeks before the long-awaited sequel comes to theatres. The tongue-in-cheek story of a '70s news anchor and his team of weirdos, "Anchorman" cemented Will Ferrell as the '00s best funny man and catapulted Steve Carrell to comedic fame. It also features great support from Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate. While Ferrell isn't always everyone's cup of tea, this film allowed him to let loose his trademark deadpan humor, but in a smarter, sillier, and more clever gem that surprised everyone with how solid it really was, solid enough for a sequel to come out almost ten years later!

The new set features some new extras, but for the most part, what is included is what has been on the past DVD and Hi-Def releases.That said, it's packed with goodies that will make fans of the film ready for their Afternoon Delight.

Disc One

  • Theatrical and Extended Edition of the film. The Extended edition features some new additions and alterations that some fans were pleased with and some weren't.
  • Commentary with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay - It's funny, but doesn't reveal any "making of" tidbits for novice filmmakers.
  • Deleted Scenes and Extended Scenes - 36 scenes in total, they include a few not on the DVD edition.
  • Bloopers - almost 8 minutes of fun.
  • ESPN Sports Center Audtion - A fake audition tape that has Ron Burgundy vying for a spot on the ESPN news team.
  • "Afternoon Delight" Music Video - A new addition that features the cast in a music video of the classic tuner.

    Disc Two
    From Previous Editions:

  • "Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie" - While this was on previous releases, it is presented here for the first time in Hi-Def. It features scenes not used in the film making almost an entire new companion film.
  • Commentary with Will Ferrell and Aaron Zimmerman for the Lost Movie.
  • Awards Speech - Ron's Emmy speech.
  • Cinemax: The Making of "Anchorman" - a 10 minute behind the scenes look at the film.
  • Reel Comedy: Anchorman - A 9 minute comedy special from Comedy Central.
  • A Conversation with Ron Burgundy - A 10 minute conversation with Bill Curtis in front of an audience where he remains in character the entire time. Hilarious.
  • Rehearsals - 10 minutes of rehearsal footage.
  • Playback Video - 5 minutes of fake news reports.
  • Commercial Break - 2 minutes of behind the scenes footage.

    Plus a Bunch of New Stuff:

  • Raw Footage "Good Takes" - A variety of retakes and alternate versions of scenes from the film that show off the casts improvisational skills.
  • "Afternoon Delight" Recording Session
  • AMC Lowes Happy Birthday - An odd inclusion of Loew's 100 years.
  • Interviews - Various interviews with Rebecca Romjin, Jim Caviziel, and Burt Reynolds. Some old/some new.
  • Cast Auditions - Auditions and footage of other actors reading for key roles, including one Amy Poehler.
  • Table Read - 20 minutes of the table read for key scenes.
  • Trailers

    "ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGANDY (Unrated Rich Mahogany Edition)"
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