Ten Reasons to Visit Nantucket in 2012

Monday Feb 20, 2012

NANTUCKET, MA - Grey skies, slushy streets, and a lack of Vitamin D can leave even the most cold-tolerant of us feeling the winter blues. Luckily, thoughts of a spring visit to Nantucket can brighten the dreariest of days.

Spring on Nantucket means perfect temperatures, festive events, and amazing rates. If that's not reason enough, here are 10 Reasons to visit Nantucket in the spring.

1. Great Rates

A spring trip to Nantucket doesn't have to break the bank - Nantucket Island Resorts offers fantastic spring rates. For instance, rates at The Wauwinet after it opens for the season on May 9 start at just $225 per night. Want to stay closer to Main Street? Not a problem! Stay at the White Elephant, opening on April 19, for just $195 per night.

2. Easy Access

Jet Blue begins direct service from New York City to Nantucket on May 17, meaning Nantucket is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. The only hard part will be finding room to pack all of those spring clothes you've been dying to pull out of hibernation!

3. Daffodil Festival (April 27-29)

Every year, Nantucket kicks off spring by honoring the trumpeted flower with the Nantucket Daffodil Festival Weekend:

Over three million daffodils bloom on Nantucket from early-April to mid-May, and the yellow, orange, white, and pale pink blooms bring new life to the island. It's a full-scale celebration of winter's thaw and includes fun and festive activities such as the Antique Car Parade, featuring over 100 vintage cars decked out in bright yellow daffodils.

4. Wine Festival (May 2012)

For over 12 years, 100 wineries visit Nantucket for a weekend and host special events including hosted dinners, celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, seminars, and auctions.  Make sure to pop by and sample TOPPER'S at The Wauwinet's extensive wine list. With over 1450 selections, wine connoisseurs won't be disappointed!

5. Expansion of the White Elephant Hotel Residences

Just a few steps away from the White Elephant, Nantucket Harbor, Jetties Beach, and Brant Point Lighthouse, the White Elephant Hotel Residences has always been one of the chicest spots to stay on island. This spring, the Residences are getting even better with the addition of 14 new suites and six new guest rooms.

6. Nantucket Spring Restaurant Week

Dine on prix fixe menus at participating Nantucket fine dining establishments, including the Brant Point Grill at the White Elephant and TOPPER’S at The Wauwinet. 

7. Outdoor Activities

Being cooped up inside all winter isn’t good for your mind or body, and Nantucket has the cure! Rent a bike and roll down the 6.4 miles of bike paths. Bike rentals typically cost around $30/day; complimentary bikes are available for guests of White Elephant Hotel Residences , The Cottages & Lofts at the Boat Basin , and The Wauwinet . Or tee off at one of Nantucket’s top-notch golf courses -  Miacomet Golf Course or Sankatay Head Golf Club .

8. Nantucket Film Festival (June 20-24)

The annual film festival draws celebrities and movie buffs alike to the island. Instead of velvet ropes and Hollywood glamour, the festival honors the art of substantive screenwriting, offering celebrity panels and readings.

9. Dining Al Fresco

Spring means finally being able to enjoy a dinner al fresco again. Brant Point Grill at the White Elephant’s Harborside Terrace is the perfect place to do just that. Dine on fresh seafood and sip on one of the bar’s new specialty beer cocktails while admiring the stunning views of Nantucket harbor.

10. Movie Time

We all know that April showers bring May flowers, and the perfect place to wait out a spring rain shower is at the only year round movie theater, Starlight Theater . Be sure to warm up with some New England Clam Chowder before the show at the Starlight’s café.


  • Greg Creedon, 2012-02-21 10:40:25

    I’m a year-round gay guy on Nantucket and, if you will, allow me to make some observations. All the ten points are good ones. Let me flesh them out a bit. Don’t expect the kind of spring you might get in the Outer Banks or Delaware. Nantucket, located 25 miles off shore, is very much a marine environment. Our weather is truly driven by the ocean, which means our air temp usually matches the ocean temp pretty closely. In April and May, the ocean is still in the 50s, so, while New England is bursting out in warm weather, we are still cool and often foggy. On the other hand, when September and October roll around and New England has its first frost, the ocean is still in the high 60s/low 70s and the weather is the best of the year. People in the know plan their Nantucket vacations for Sept and Oct. All that being said, there is a real charm here in the spring. The island is coming back to life after a gray wet winter, the restaurants are re-opening, stores too, and there’s a quiet vibrancy to the place. Many of the guest houses will be open and offer a wide choice of stay options. Speaking of movies, Nantucketers are really excited this year: our big movie theater, the Dreamland, will be open after years of being off the scene. The Film Festival will have a real state of the art venue. There are other transportation options for getting here: the Hy-Line fast ferry gets you here in an hour from Hyannis. Nantucket Air and Island Air fly from Hyannis on 9 seaters - same as the planes from Boston to P-town. There is a car ferry, but, trust me, too expensive and you don’t need your own car here. Biking is real easy with your own bike or a rental. Folks should not expect Nantucket to be anything like Provincetown. There are no gay bars (the Rose & Crown attracts a lot of island gay people), gay accomodations, gay restaurants. You come here and do as you wish for the most part. There are lots of gay people here but don’t expect tea dance or anything like. We live openly, we are still New England, so there’s a fair of amount of down-low. The Grindr guys can be a tad closety. Nantucket in season is a whole ’nother level... and that could be a whole ’nother article. But as a year-rounder, I love the place. I have a great job, a nice place to live, I can bring my dog to the beach so easily. I hope you all will come see us.

  • , 2013-01-20 00:24:03

    Thanks for that mackensie, will be visiting early spring, with son from Australia. He one of a large family, half whom are stick thin, again half of the are blonde, not necessarily same half, all of them are musical, 5 of them are athletic, 2 of them are tall, 4 of them escaped the dreaded white freckly skin, 4 left handed, yeah what are the odds, two of them girls. No grandparents, or parents left handed, but plenty of cousins from both sides of the family, and yes one is gay. He has pretty much always known it was ’probably going to marry a man, and be the daddy that works part time and looks after the kids. We will have lots of fun, with our respective gaydars! So looking forward to the majestic scenery and the northern hemisphere spring gardens. Oh crocus’s, only see them when home in Ireland. 50’s sounds perfect, I can nearly smell the ocean! Can you let us know of some good places to feed a starving teenager? Thanks again Beth

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