Holiday Shopping in Paris’s Le Marais

by Pascal Fonquernie .
Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

PARIS, France - For the Parisian tourist industry, 2011 has been one of the best years ever! The number of visitors has reached its highest levels in the past 5 years. Paris is still the most visited city in the world and Le Marais is slowly becoming the most desired area in Paris where cost of real estate is approaching prices in London and New York. Only Monaco remains more expensive at this point.

Last Tuesday, November 15, I was interviewed about the economic situation in le Marais district for the prime time economic talk show on BFM Business TV. I was honoured to be given 10 minutes to talk about my knowledge of Le Marais economics. I called it the first luxury alter-globalist district in the world, and in fact it's somewhat true.

It's hard to feel the crisis here when we're surrounded by so many magnificent historical buildings, chic boutiques, good restaurants and fantastic urban facilities. We are lucky to live in the hyper center. The city policy for car owners is a nightmare so riding a bike is a wonderful alternative. Many streets are blocked off on Sundays and become pedestrian zones. Rue des Francs Bourgeois, the street dividing the 3rd and 4th, is one of them. The result is a massive invasion of visitors who come to visit our "historic" island within the city. It is very lively.

Paris is not merely a city, it is a myth. At its heart is the Marais like a chocolate melting cake, a deluxe perfume or an haute couture dress. Like a precious jewel, it's there for the taking. The Marais is the place where the history of France was born. In just a 2 km surface area, there are nearly 170 mansions dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. No historical center contains so many treasures. That's why the neighborhood is now a classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Discover the most beautiful monuments in the Marais thanks to the remarkable work of the Swedish photographer Marianne Ström who has been living in the Marais for 35 years.

Take a look at the clip TVHD "In Love with le Marais"
Discover our new short film "In Love with le Marais". In just 5 minutes, you'll get an insightful overview of the area where the history of France truly started.

November 15 to December 15 is the off-season in Paris. Perhaps you won't find inexpensive train fares or airline tickets, but you'll be sure to find the best possible rates for your accommodations: hotels, guestrooms and guesthouses.

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LOFT 18 offers another way of living healthy for all ages and every moment of the day. If you're interested in beauty products, or treatments for you and your loved ones this is top-notch. Objects for creating a new interior style are all natural. Discover products that will change your vision of every day living. Baby wear and t-shirts made of natural textiles, products using biodegradable materials, natural cosmetics made in France and candles with natural odors and no paraffine, energizing infusions and herbal teas, essential oils... Everything you need for cooking healthy: spices, woks and tableware that comes from Japan and Korea. It's all lovely and very Zen.

18 rue Charlot
75003 PARIS
Métro Filles du Calvaire ou République
Tel 09 81 78 68 49


Every Month a new artist, a new exhibition at Gallerie du Marais. Nothing compares to the hi-quality productions we discover and promote. Want to be kept informed of new events and openings of the Gallerie du Marais?
To do so, please fill out the form on our web site, an email will be sent before each event in our gallery. Your address is required to receive our invitations.
We ll be happy to welcome you.

59, rue des Francs- Bourgeois 75004 Paris
Tel./ Fax: 01 44 78 03 52
Metro : Rambuteau
Tuesday to Saturday
from 10.30am to 7.30pm
Monday & Sunday
from 10.30am to 7.30pm

Paris is not merely a city, it is a myth. At its heart is the Marais like a chocolate melting cake.


In one of the most beautiful parts of the Marais, the pléiades offer a choice of hand-made jewelry which is both varied and surprising. Conceived like an art gallery, this innovative place shows the work of several craftsmen who propose their most beautiful creations to you, created here and inspired elsewhere. You will find here, to begin with, Eden Wynter. Using leather as the principal material, she designs each piece made-to-measure. Nadia presents métissés jewels, and makes each part a timeless and playful accessory. Meudoxia developed a collection in a limited series, made of semi-precious stones and of silk wire, which will surely surprise you by its originality. This gallery accomodates also creators and photographers who wish to make their work more known, why not to you... Come meet them! Pleiades: a unique opportunity to combine art and fashion.

96, rue des archives
75003 Paris
Tel: 01 44 59 62 25
or 07 86 25 16 08
Facebook: pleiadesparis


Photography specializing in portraits, Fabien Breuvart opened his boutique in June 2004 entirely dedicated to expressing your image.
Fabien offers the best souvenir you can take home: a personalized portrait in pure classic style, black and white or color, unique and memorable, starting at only 90 euros. He also offers a fantastic selection of old Paris pictures starting at only 5 euros... A great idea for a present! Pictures of anonymous parisians from the 1920 s to the late seventies, pictures of some french icons, pictures of le marais like it no longer exists, antique cameras... Just a fabulous shop you must not miss next to the Marché des enfants rouges.

35-37, rue Charlot
75003 Paris
2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
on weekends


Run by someone passionate about textiles, La Boutique Extraordinaire will make you feel exceptional. You enter here intrigued, and leave here dressed in a textile work of art. Several creators exhibit here and truly spotlight the noble and rare materials utilised. Each piece of clothing is a true collector's item that will whisper sweet nothings in your ear and be soft to the touch... All that, at reasonable prices, with organically-responsable principles behind all the products, as well as the know-how of the creators. La Boutique Extraordinaire really is the first textile art gallery.

67, rue Charlot
75003 Paris
Tel: 01 57 40 68 85
or 06 60 04 51 73


Very few places offer to you the originality and the professionalism of l' Original Barbershop. Traditional, modern or eccentric, Samy will not lack creativity and precision to create for you the cut or the hairstyle of your desires. Throughout your visit, this "studio" environment gives you a true feeling of being taken in hand, from beards to hair! Indeed, Samy also proposes to take care of your beard and moustache. Not only men are spoiled here. Women also can come here to have a cut or a coloring. The place is pleasant/lovely, with exposed brick walls, large mirrors and square armchairs. The ideal place for a new face.

56 rue du temple,
75004 Paris
Métro : Hôtel de ville
Tel: 01 77 16 77 80
ou 07 60 48 18 99

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