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A New Innovative Approach to Hair Loss: hims

by Andy Smith
Wednesday Apr 18, 2018
A New Innovative Approach to Hair Loss: hims

For many years, product options for hair loss prevention and treatment were stuck in the closet, expensive, often-ineffective products in grim, uninviting packaging -- a source of shame rather than part of a man's daily wellness regimen.

Hims is changing that paradigm. Through its discreet, effective, easy-to-use program, this innovative brand is helping men do battle with hair loss using the most effective treatments available. It's part of a personal wellness brand, developed to help men feel their best all the time.

Hims founder Andrew Dudum discusses advances in hair loss prevention and treatment as well as the brand's unique approach: one that integrates strong medical expertise and consumer education, with attractive, affordable products that are not only effective,but easy to use as part of a daily regimen.


When developing hims, the personal wellness platform for men, what inspired you to include hair loss in your platform?

Hims is a trusted resource for men to understand the options they have when it comes to preventative care and how to be their best self. The stigma around baldness -- which isn't an unattractive or bad thing -- largely comes from the lack of conversation around men's care.

After realizing that so many of my peers had questions about hair loss, I realized there needed to be more access to education and broader awareness that most men will face these concerns in their lifetime. Hims exists so men can make more informed decisions about their health and hair loss, no matter what they choose.

Fighting Hair Loss is a Young Man's Game (too)

Fighting Hair Loss is a Young Man's Game (too)

While we all know hair loss is relatively common among men, before developing these products, did you realize the rate was as high as 85 percent for men over 50?

What was even more shocking to me was that 66 percent percent of men experience hair loss by age 35, and for one-quarter of these men, hair loss begins before age 21. It's so common among younger guys, yet most are hesitant to talk about their situation.

What are some aspects of the hims' platform that make it unique in comparison to other treatment programs/options for men fighting hair loss? Does hims hair loss program address needs your competitors are missing?

Hims' offerings are unlike anything on the market right now. We're building a brand that's not only convenient and more affordable, but really aesthetically pleasing.

The hims experience is special -- from the moment our customers engage with the brand online, to their interaction with our medical network, and then to the product packaging itself, we're creating a more personal experience and impactful products that men don't feel like they have to hide from friends, roommates, partners, etc. We're not just a hair loss brand or an erectile dysfunction brand; we're a men's wellness brand.

Treatments Have Come a Long Way, Baby

Treatments Have Come a Long Way, Baby

For men who have tried hair loss treatments in the past, how have treatments improved in the past few years? Why is now the time to try hims?

We're really focused on building a thoughtful community around men's personal care, one that emphasizes education, top-notch medical expertise and preventative solutions in an approachable way.

Our products are created with the industry's leading, medical-grade formulas that are scientifically proven to work; all prescriptions are backed by the FDA and approved by medical professionals. Hims products feel and smell so good you'll forget it's actually medicine. Also, our aesthetic is different from what's on the market right now. Guys primarily face branding with dark reds, blues and greens with mahogany accents, and we were adamant from the get-go that our products should look different.

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