Why Use React Native for Building Your Mobile App?

Wednesday May 26, 2021

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Going to enter the rapidly growing mobile market? Well, that's a great idea! Statistically, mobile apps generate over $188 billion in global revenues via in-app advertising and app stores. That's why you shouldn't miss this opportunity for your business! Now is the best time to utilize your mobile market and finally, build an app that can meet the requirements of your business. And this is where you simply can't do without React Native - a well-known framework that is used for building native mobile apps using JavaScript. A simple app is usually built using Java for Android and Swift/Obj-C for iOS. With React Native, you can create a full-fledged app for both platforms in less time and using only one coding language!

This framework hit the market a few years ago. Today, it has millions of users from all over the globe! Let's get down to reviewing the peculiarities of React Native mobile app architecture and the main reasons why you need to use this tool!

Less Special Knowledge Needed to Build React Native Apps

If you are a professional front-end developer, but you have never used React Native before, that's not a problem. All that you need to do is to check out a few tutorials that might help you get up to speed rapidly. You'll spend a few hours learning the specifics of this framework and you are set! This is one of the main reasons why more and more programmers from all over the globe opt for this tool.

React Native Offers One Codebase for Two Platforms

One of the greatest benefits of React Native is an opportunity to use one codebase for both iOS and Android. Simply put, it includes both Swift and Java code. That's why there's no need to synchronize layouts or features and you can build software products faster and save your budget!

React Native Is Always Under Active Development

This means that more new features are added regularly. There's a massive community behind React Native that is always working on the improvement of this tool. Even if you can't complete the task right now because there's no solution from React Native, there's a possibility that it will be added soon. You just need to wait!

Extensive JavaScript Library

One of the main reasons why you need to opt for React Native is a huge JavaScript library that will undoubtedly increase the app performance. There's a powerful and useful development toolset that allows you to transform workflow and make it more effective.

Better Performance with Smooth Integration of Third-Party Plugins

This tool is also compatible with a set of third-party plugins. This means that programmers can easily integrate third-party apps and plugins to improve the performance of their products. On top of that, this option also promotes the development of faster loading applications that consume less memory.

Emphasis on User Interface

That's another benefit of using this framework. With this React Native, programmers can build apps with better user interfaces. As a result, the final product is smoother, more responsive, and faster as compared to a classic hybrid application.

It Has a Bright Future

So far, an unsurpassed variety of businesses have already adopted this framework for building mobile applications. Bloomberg, Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Airbnb - all these programs are running on React Native and have millions of users! A broad selection of features, ease of use, and better time-to-market speed are the main reasons why businesses opt for this platform. Considering all the benefits of React Native, we can conclude that it makes sense to use it for your app development needs!