'Schitt's Creek' Season 5 Hits Netflix Next Month

Wednesday September 11, 2019

Holy Schitt!

The fifth season of the beloved comedy series "Schitt's Creek" will appear on Netflix in October.

"Schitt's Creek" Season 5 aired earlier this year on Pop TV but for those without the network, Netflix announced Tuesday the season will hit the streaming platform on Oct. 10: "Great news for bebe."

Co-created by star Dan Levy, the Canadian series has gone on to earn a second wind after the show was put on Netflix. Levy spoke about the boom with Entertainment Weekly.

"The show has been well-known in Canada for some time, but it's only been in the last little while that I've been walking down the street in the U.S. and people have come up and said either 'I love your show' or 'Thank you,'" he said. "I never know what to say. 'Um...you're welcome?' But, I think because we're Canadian, it all comes with a grain of salt and we all know it could go away tomorrow. We're still just that little team up in Canada just trying to get a show made."

"Schitt's Creek" also stars Levy's father Eugene Levy, alongside Catherine O'Hara and Annie Murphy. The show was nominated for four Emmy awards, including best comedy show, lead actress in a comedy (for O'Hara), lead actor (for Eugene Levy) and costume design.

The sixth season of the show is expected on Pop TV in 2020 and it will be the last season of "Schitt's Creek."

Watch the Season 5 "Schitt's Creek" trailer below.

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