Noted Ex-Gay Suggests Conversion Therapy Could Have Prevented Orlando Massacre

Thursday June 16, 2016

Christopher Doyle, the ex-gay "activist" and reparative therapy practitioner has hit a new low.

Not only is he using the shootings at the Orlando gay nightclub to promote his own islamaphobia, but he's blaming the victims of the shooting for purportedly rejecting the gunman's advances, who, he suggests should have undergone conversion therapy.

In a statement released by Doyle's ex-gay activist group Equality and Justice for All, he speaks of Omar Mateen, the gunman responsible for the Orlando massacre, who according to numerous reports was presumably gay. Doyle's statement, which suggests that the shootings were motivated by Islamic teachings, talks of Mateen as coming from "a very oppressive family and faith [where] he wasn't really able to discuss this issue or get help."

Based on Doyle's theory, Mateen went "into the gay bar, seemingly to get acceptance and love, and he's rejected there." Doyle further called Mateen "a very hurting individual who really doesn't have a clear sense of his own identity."

According to Doyle the whole thing could have been avoided if Mateen "had the right kind of love and support from his family and from his community."

For Doyle, the "right kind of love" presumably would have been if Mateen had undergone gay conversion therapy rather than accept himself for who he was. Evidence of this can be found in the first paragraph of Doyle's statement where he referenced the victims as "experience(ing) unwanted same-sex attractions."

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