New App Brings Snippets of LGBT History to Your Smartphone

by Sergio N. Candido

South Florida Gay News

Thursday August 8, 2013

While there's still a long way before the LGBT community reaches full equality in the U.S., the movement has gained more momentum than ever before in the last 10 years, reaching many historic milestones in just the last few months.

But some of the younger LGBTs may not appreciate the struggles of their elders so that to they can enjoy many of the rights that were denied to them in the past. Here's where Quist comes in.

Quist is a new mobile app that provides daily updates that summarize major landmarks and milestones for the LGBT community in a "this day in LGBTQ history" framework.

The app serves to "paint a picture of how far the LGBTQ community has come over time - how we have been treated, how we have reacted, how our allies have supported us, and how others have worked vehemently to stop the progress," according to its website.

The Huffington Post writes that the app "evidences a need for new ways of constructing, remembering and sharing queer history, as the LGBT community continues to make political and social gains and risks forgetting the trajectory that has brought us to this point."

Download Quist for free, here.

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