Neil Patrick Harris Gives Dad Style an Upgrade

Sunday October 9, 2022
Originally published on September 30, 2022

Neil Patrick Harris Gives Dad Style an Upgrade
  (Source:Ron Dorff)

Dad style has come a long way from straight leg jeans and New Balances. Swedish-French sportswear brand Ron Dorff has recently announced a new partnership with Neil Patrick Harris that seeks to elevate what we've come to think of as dad style.

As reported by Robb Report, Dorff released a series of shirts with "dad" written across the chest a few years ago, and Harris became a fan. "I had seen the Ron Dorff Dad t-shirts and I thought they were great for David, because he goes by dad," said Harris. "I go by papa, so when I started talking with Claus [Dorff's founder] about what we could do together, I thought about Dad and Papa as two variations, so fathers have both options depending on how they're known."

The result of Harris' partnership? A 20-piece limited-edition collection featuring both "dad" and "papa" emblazoned across them. In addition, there are also "bro" and "sis" pieces for children. Not only are the pieces modern, well-crafted, and chic, but 15% of all proceeds will be donated to World Central Kitchen, chef José Andrés' nonprofit organization dedicated to providing meals to those affected by natural disasters.

The collection ranges in price from $60-$485 and is available here.