Sexy, Savvy, AND Strong :: When it comes to moving, Joe LaRoche of Metrosexual Movers is the (sensitive) man

by Matthew Robinson

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday July 31, 2008

It's that time of year again- moving season.

Every year, thousands of students and recent grads flood into Boston to take their shot at the bounty of educational and employment opportunities here.

The result is a boon for the economy, a bunch of new people to date, and WAY too many moving vans crowding the streets.

Fortunately, there's an alternative to the knuckle-dragging mouth breathers that populate the moving industry.

Ladies and (more intelligent) gentlemen, we give you... Metrosexual Movers!

"The name alone is obviously going to raise a few eyebrows," admits MM founder and crew chief Joe LaRoche, noting his crew's "smart looking" company t-shirts that pose the question, "Wouldn't this couch look better over there?"

Armed with a degree from Carnegie Mellon, a career as a successful graphic designer, and enough of a sense of humor to make it as a stand-up comedian (really!), LaRoche Is revolutionizing the moving industry by actively selecting his clients (instead of the other way around) and by offering unsurpassed and truly personal service.

"We distinguish ourselves through meticulous attention to detail, courtesy (dare we say charm?), punctuality and professionalism," LaRoche says. "We are skilled craftsmen with highly refined sensibilities and an (almost) excessive concern for your peace-of-mind come moving day."

Using his intellectual prowess, aesthetic sense and comic timing to help customers actually feel comfortable with the idea of having a (handsome) stranger who gets around on a bike and uses product as his helmet touch and handle their private possessions, LaRoche has carved out a niche amongst the "giants" of the industry.

"Metrosexual Movers has no plans on ever being the biggest moving company in town," LaRoche explains. "In fact, we're dead set against it!"

Instead of taking every possible gig, LaRoche and his well-coiffed colleagues screen prospective clients prodigiously.

"We 'go for the no,'" he says. "If we can't find a reason to not do the job, we're probably going to have a very satisfactory collaboration.

Even the company website ( with its hip graphics, soundtrack, and on-site personality tests help with the weeding process by offering a clear view of MM's m.o. and the type of clients they seek. As such, MM has been able to enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction rate and thriving word-of-mouth advertising.

"You can't find people who don't like working with us," LaRoche reasons, "because we rule them out before we get started."

Though MM charges a premium rate, LaRoche says it is well justified.

"I offer a better service," he says simply. "My guys are just as strong, but we're on time and more detail oriented... and better looking."

But LaRoche is not just a pretty face.

"People don't think metrosexuals can move anything," he suggests. "They think 'No strength- all sensitivity.'"

In reality, however, LaRoche is able to offer both.

"We can still be men and be strong," he says, "but we are not afraid to have aesthetic sense... Not only can we move a refrigerator, but we know where it goes in the room."

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