The Blond Leading the Blond

by Brian Moylan

Next Magazine

Thursday February 26, 2009

The Blonds are one of those gay couples that likes to bicker.

When asked what it's like backstage at their fashion shows where they parade the jewel-laden couture gowns and corsets that have made them famous, David Blond says, "I'm on the floor working while she's fixing her hair."

"What! I have to fix my hair!" counters Philippe Blond, his partner in life, business and design. "Do you expect me to go out on the runway with ugly hair?"

The only other fighting going on these days is over who gets a piece of the busy design team. To wit, after the aforementioned little squabble, they're off to a promotional event for clothes they made for iconic Japanese cartoon Hello Kitty. They just dressed Rihanna for the Fashion Rocks show at Radio City Music Hall, and Katy Perry in the sequined fruit ensemble she wore at the Grammys. They're currently hard at work making the clothes for the runway show at Vienna's infamous AIDS fundraiser, The Life Ball, and they've still managed to squeeze in a few hush-hush reality television appearances.

"I feel like right now our work is different and charming and people want a little bit of happiness in their lives," Philippe says about why they're currently at the center of the fashion world.

True club kids, David and Philippe first met at the Roxy. "It was my prom night and they didn't card me at the door," Philippe says. "David came up to me all wasted,"

"I wasn't wasted!" David interjects.

Philippe continues, "I was hanging out with these kids from the New York [City] Ballet, so David asked if I was a dancer and I said, 'No, you drunk bitch.'"

David finishes, "And we've been inseparable ever since."

At the beginning of their relationship, New York native and FIT grad Philippe was working as a fashion sketch artist and David, originally from Key West, was designing windows for retail outlets.

In 2005, they decided to start their own fashion line, putting on the runway the clothes they would wear to the clubs or make for friends. "We started making costumes and making dresses for ourselves," David explains. "We bumped into [famous fashion director] Patricia Fields one night and she asked for some things. It just grew from there."

All of their pieces are handmade and one of a kind, and their specialty, as Philippe explains it, is "bejeweling and crystallizing everything" as well as custom-made corsets that give their glittering girls that classic hourglass shape. In fact, the only criticism of The Blonds' outfits is that they're not for the everyday woman.

"You don't have to be a blonde to be a Blond," David explains.

Philippe says that Rihanna is the ideal "Blond girl." "She doesn't care how heavy an outfit is or how tight it is," Philippe says. "If she likes it, then she wears it. We had her waist cinched down to like 20 inches and she was in these huge heels and she still got out there and performed."

Another iconic girl with a tiny waist and ultra high heels whom the duo's dressing is Barbie. The Blonds are one of fifty designers chosen by Mattel to create an outfit for the perennially popular doll for her 50th anniversary, which will be celebrated during Fashion Week.

This February, however, the Blonds are taking a break from Fashion Week. "We opted to [do] a presentation in March to give us a bit more time," says David, adding that they're working with photographer Mike Ruiz on something different than a runway show. "It's a multimedia presentation that has a performance art aspect and other media involved. It's going to launch in conjunction with a capsule collection we're selling at Patricia Field's [boutique]."

Meanwhile, their next big show is this May, for the 17th annual Life Ball, Europe's biggest AIDS fundraising event. "The theme is 'Under the Sea,' and there are going to be lots of mermaids," Philippe gushes.

David adds, "There is going to be a runway over water, and it's going to be totally insane." Looks like there is one thing they can agree upon.

Actually, when it comes to designing their signature styles, the couple concurs on almost everything. "I always want to put more, more, more jewels and David says no. That's the only time we disagree," Philippe says.

"I'm more conservative," David admits. "Well, I'm conservative for a crazy person, but he is way out there."

"No, I am not, David!" Philippe says.

As long as the friction backstage translates into such fabulous fashion on the catwalk, we'll take everything these two can throw at each other!

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