DJ/Singer Havana Brown Brings Her Sexy Beats to the Dinah

by Kali Londono

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday March 21, 2013

She's hot, she's in demand, she's kicking ass and taking names (literally and figuratively). DJ Havana Brown is a "quintriple-threat": She writes, sings, dances, produces, and is one of the most sought-after DJs making the rounds of the Circuit scene.

Doing gay parties can prove challenging part for any female DJ. Even known headliners like Susan Morabito or Tracy Young had to fight certain initial prejudices to get to where they are today.

As for Havana Brown, she has made a name for herself by opening for Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Britney Spears, to name just a few dance divas who have helped her become known to a wide audience .

How did she infiltrate the mostly male-dominated world of the Circuit DJ'? "They just didn't know how serious I was," she told EDGE in a recent interview. "It's good to prove people wrong, you know. I love that."

The Gal Who ’Runs the Night’

Brown holds bragging rights of being the first female DJ to emerge from her native Australia to sign to a major label, Universal Music. By the time she first hit these shores back in 2011, "We Run The Night" was already a massive hit Down Under when it shattered the Billboard Dance charts with a remix by RedOne featuring hip-hop heavy-hitter Pitbull.

Taking notice of the emerging talent, Pitbull came knocking wanting to join forces. The resulting collaboration appeared on his 2012 release "Global Warming." The track, "Last Night," is infectiously melodic club candy.

While working so hard to make a name for herself as a DJ, these collaborations found Brown in her second iteration, as a singer. "I feel like people knew that was going to be my next step," she said. "It's kind of like an actress turned singer, or vice-versa. But when I DJ, I perform anyway."

The timing of the release of "We Run The Night" proved to be the right song at the right time. It didn't hurt to have Pitbull, whose been performing with Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera, as her collaborator.

Brown's description belies the hip-hop producer's name (or at least public perception of him): "I couldn't think of anyone more perfect to have on my track. I've come to know him and he is such an amazingly nice person."

Spinning the Hits

Brown cites DJ AM as her biggest DJ influence. "He was doing mixes across genres way ahead of the time," she noted. Since everyone has to have a catchy DJ moniker these days, she chose a rare breed of cat. "Cats have a personality when it comes to getting what they want," she elaborates. "I just knew what I wanted to be in my career and I was confident about it." Learning this particular breed of cat - the "Havana Brown" are known for being "highly intelligent, remarkably adaptable, and adjust to any situation with poise and confidence."

As it is, she couldn't have chosen a more apt stage name. Both in person and on her recordings, Brown has a feline vibe, soft and purring but always with the underlying tension that her fangs and claws could come out if disturbed.

Despite her burgeoning singing career, Brown remains true to her DJing roots. Her own contribution to the hugely successful Crave compilation series, "Crave. Vol. 7," was released in October. Still, expect more original songs from this temptress -- maybe even one with her ultimate dream collaboration, Janet Jackson. "She's my idol," Brown said. "I would do a song that was strong, with girl power, and a sexy vibe."

Playing the Dinah

DJ Havana Brown will be performing on Friday, April 5, at the upcoming Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, the largest all-female dance-related weekend in the world.

"I'm looking forward to performing to a female crowd," Brown said. "I just love things run by girls. I love it when there are girls in the crowd, when you see us happy and sexy, it's the best feeling in the world."

One thing's for sure: The crowd will love the sexy and beautiful Brown right back. What can the ladies expect her to deliver in the desert heat? "What I want is happy, fun, full of energy and everybody dancing," she said. "I'm a bit crazy on stage. It will be a set full of energy."

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