Drug Smuggling Party Pigeon Busted in Kuwait

Friday May 26, 2017

Step aside drug mule, there's a new contraband smuggling animal in the zoo. Introducing, the "party pigeon."

The border between Kuwait and Iraq is the last location you'd imagine to host a rave. And yet that's where Kuwaiti customs agents nabbed a pigeon flying with some very intriguing carry-on luggage. According to a report in Al Arabiya, the pigeon was fashioned with a tiny backpack loaded with pills.

The 178 pills found on the high-flying bird were discovered to be ketamine, an anesthetic known as the party drug "Special K."

BBC notes a trend in using pigeons as drug smuggling doves.

In 2015, prison guards in Costa Rica caught a pigeon carrying cocaine and cannabis in a zipped pouch.

And in 2011, Colombian police busted a pigeon carrying so much cocaine and marijuana that it was unable to fly over a high prison wall.