Anti-LGBT Former Colo. Rep Calls for Boycott of 'Homosexual Children's Movie'

Tuesday March 14, 2017

Anti-LGBT former Colorado lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt has his own "tale as old as time," and it involves demons, Disney and America's youth.

Joining Rev. Franklin Graham and scores of other anti-LGBT voices on the right, Klingenschmitt is calling on Christians to boycott the upcoming live action version of the Disney classic "Beauty and the Beast" over the subtle inclusion of a gay minor character. Klingenschmitt is warning followers that seeing the "homosexual children's movie" is tantamount to "having their children recruited into the homosexual agenda."

"There is destruction in the future of these people who cooperate with that evil," Klingenschmitt said on a recent episode of "Pray in Jesus Name" program.

Right Wing Watch notes that Klingenshmitt prayed that God will "stop the recruiting of our children into the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality" and that Americans will finally "wake up and boycott the Disney corporation," which he claimed has been "using money to fund the gay agenda for decades."

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