Westboro Baptist Church's Twitter Account Suspended

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Wednesday January 14, 2015

The Westboro Baptist "God Hates Fags" Church's main Twitter account has been suspended, Pink Star News reports.

It's unclear as to why the vehemently anti-gay Kansas-based group's account is down, but according to WBC's de facto leader, Shirley Phelps Roper, daughter of the late WBC founder Fred Phelps, who goes by the Twitter handle @Shirl2, it's because the group picketed Twitter last year.

"Dear @pinknews plz keep up. WBC picketed @Twitter in August. @Shirl2 wrote to @Pinknews Tuesday. She also added: "PS. Ty @pinknews for putting a highlight on the lawless deeds of doomed USA! @twitter respects persons - our Lord requires we preach to all!"

The account main account, @WBCSays, is still suspended but it appears the church has another main account with the handle @WBCSaysRepent. It currently has 27,000 tweets and 7,337 followers. There is also another account, @WBCSigns, with 1,290 followers and nearly 8,500 tweets.

According to the WBC's official website, godhatesfags.com, the members of the church no longer lists @WBCSays as their official account. Instead, the anti-gay group points followers to @WBCSaysRepent and @WBCMediaContact, in order to get their daily dose of hateful tweets and anti-gay rhetoric.