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'Wear Your Pride': Luke Evans Rocks Pride Underwear in Shirtless Thirst Trap

Monday June 14, 2021

Luke Evans wearing Pride-inspired Versace underwear in Instagram post.
Luke Evans wearing Pride-inspired Versace underwear in Instagram post.  (Source:Instagram)

Pride Month got even hotter after Luke Evans posted a shirtless snap on Instagram of him wearing a pair of Pride-inspired Versace underwear.

"Wear your pride," the 42-year-old captioned the photo, showing him wearing underwear featuring Pride colors and the brand's logo on its waistband. "Live your pride. Be your pride. And be kind. Everyone deserves to have happiness. Human rights belong to everyone. #happypridemonth and every other month of the year! Thanks @versace for my rainbow pants (yes, that's what we call them in Britain)."

"While the post attracted a few trolls who claimed to be 'disappointed' in Evans for speaking out on his sexuality, the overwhelming majority of commenters cheered 'The Girl on the Train' star on for his, to quote one follower, 'thirst trap,' noted Yahoo! Life.

"Happy Pride Luke! Everyone does deserve love! Love your rainbow," one fan commented, while another expressed how "proud" they were of him for showing support for his community.

This latest photo from Evans continues a recent shift in the actor's presence on social media as he's become more open to sharing his personal life with fans. He talked about this in an interview with Attitude last December when some social media users criticized him for not being out about his private life.

"It was the last thing I had, because everything else I've given to the world," he told the magazine. "My career was public, I was photographed, and all that stuff. My personal life just became the last thing that I had. Also, what was strange was that when people did find out that I was gay, there was a lot of articles and stuff written saying that I was hiding it, and I wasn't."

Even prior to the interview, Evans had started sharing more details of his personal life, like when he broke up with actor and model Rafael Olarra in October. Since then, he has posted numerous thirst traps about his dating life, his career (including being rumored to play the next James Bond), and his evolving physique as he returned to the gym.