Tatted, Ex-Adult Film Star Loses in Scottish Parliamentary Election

Monday May 10, 2021

In a case of politics and porn making strange bedfellows, tatted, ex-adult film star Philipp Tanzer wouldn't appear to be a logical choice for the ultra-conservative, anti-LGBTQ Scottish Family Party. Tanzer is better known as his adult film alter-ego, Logan McCree, "who made a number of gay porn flicks with Raging Stallion and other studios, and won awards while working in the adult industry, including a Grabby and a GayVN Award," EDGE previously reported.

But he was the SFP's choice, ran, and lost this weekend in the Scottish election.

He announced his candidacy this past April, Tanzer jumped into politics for a seat in the Scottish parliament as a candidate for the party. The German-born, former bodybuilder had moved to the small Scottish town of Durness in 2012, where he joined the local fire department in 2015 without anyone finding fault with his past in gay porn.

Voters, though, weren't that wild about his party's politics as the SFP failed to win a single seat, Pink News reports.

"The Scottish Family Party claimed just 1,976 votes in the Highlands and Islands regional list vote, compared to a whopping 96,433 votes for the Scottish National Party (SNP).

"Ultimately, the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) fell just one seat short of an overall majority in the election, winning 64 seats. Elsewhere, the Greens — which also backs Scottish independence — won eight seats," writes Pink News.

Which means Tanzer isn't heading to Parliament any time soon.

EDGE reported earlier that the Scottish newspaper Hebrides News described Tanzer's preferred party this way: "The Scottish Family Party says it has a stance of pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-life, pro-freedom of speech, and anti-identity politics."

'The Scottish Family Party best represent my views on life and society,' Tanzer said, according to the Daily Mail earlier this year

When he launched his campaign, the DM reported, he expressed his negative views on pornography and the industry. "In one year I lost five friends in the industry to suicide and drug overdoses. I have seen the harm porn addiction can do. Not all my experiences with it have been negative though - I met some wonderful people."

Adding, "One of the main reasons to run for the Scottish Family Party has been my experience and helping people learn from it."

"I used to be a gay porn actor and I know about the struggles and confusion of growing up, being unsure about my own sexuality and identity," Tanzer said earlier this year in a SFP YouTube video.

He went on to claim that he fully supports the party's stance on "removing gay and trans-affirming indoctrination from school" and said the UK's education system is "forcing LGBT+ lifestyles and pornography on children".

Asked about his sexual orientation, the DM reports him responding: "When I was younger I was not clear what path I would take. I was pushed into identifying myself as something at the age of 32 that I was not."

Tanzer, the DM reports, is now dating a woman. He had earlier told The Sun: "I can only imagine to be in a relationship with a woman. I think you only feel at home in a place when you have family and I'm still working on that bit. It's difficult to find a woman up here."