Andrew Yang Makes Tone-Deaf Appearance to NYC LGBTQ Group

Thursday April 22, 2021

Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang  (Source:Associated Press)

Andrew Yang's NYC mayoral campaign hit a speed bump this week when he sought the endorsement of a major LGBTQ advocacy group. "It did not go particularly well," reports the New York Times.

Meeting with the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City, "Mr. Yang cited gay members of his staff as apparent evidence of his openness to the club's concerns, and expressed enthusiasm about the prospect of visiting Cubbyhole, a storied New York lesbian bar," participants told the New York Times.

"Well, first, let me say that if I go to Cubbyhole, I think I'm going to be accompanied by at least one of my two campaign managers who are both gay," Politico reports Yang as having said. "So there's like a lot of, you know, familiarity with, with the community, at the head of my campaign leading it."

SDCNY President Rose Christ said: "He came across like he was a tourist in New York and said he wanted to visit a gay bar," she said.

The Times added his comments didn't resonate. "Mr. Yang's appearance struck those members as pandering and tone deaf, according to interviews, a video and a copy of the comments that unfolded during the virtual meeting."

Amongst the comments Yang made, caught in a partial recording, is him saying, ""I genuinely do love you and your community... You're so human and beautiful. You make New York City special. I have no idea how we ever lose to the Republicans given that you all are frankly in, like, leadership roles all over the Democratic Party."

He added: "We have, like, this incredible secret weapon. It's not even secret. It's like, we should win everything because we have you all."

Yang is considered the front-runner from what polling exists due to "his name recognition and celebrity status, as well as his cheery demeanor and optimistic discussion of the city's future. But in the past, he has struggled with issues of tone: His presidential campaign has been trailed by allegations of a "bro" culture; in one of his own books, he admits to having named his pectoral muscles, Lex and Rex," writes the Times.

His inclusive comments fit into his campaign message of diversity, added Politico. "But his remarks were seen by some as out of place for a longtime city resident, and leaders at SDNYC said he did not address substantive issues that affect the community — such as the murders of trans women, inequitable access to health care and housing, and the prevalence of dangerous genital surgery on infants with intersex traits, among a litany of issues."

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