Dumb-Ass Lists: Five Real Trump Toys for Tots

Thursday November 23, 2017

Who knew a year ago when the Trump campaign peddled a Make America Great Again hat ornament as a way to offset the cost of the inauguration that an entire torrent of Trump-related merchandise would end up being unleashed on children?

With the holidays around the corner, Trump fans and foes alike (as well as the Trump organization itself) are cashing in on the holiday action. However, unlike last season which focused on the iconic MAGA hat (priced originally at $150, now selling for $45), this year they seem to be targeting kids with a variety of Trump toys and even infant wear.

EDGE scoured the internet to find the five scariest items a tot could find under the tree this year.

Trump Gold Coin Piggy Bank

Also perfect for holding rubles.
Only $25 at the Trump Store

Baby Bib

Great for those late night Twitter tantrums.
Only $25 at the Trump Store

Toy Trump Train

A bonafide Loco Motive
$79 from the Bradford Exchange

The Trumpy Bear

Ready to maul you with nationalism.
Two easy online payments of $19.95

Pull My Finger POTUS Farting Trump Doll

Go from tweeting to tooting with just one tug of his finger.
Only $19.95 on Amazon

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