Meet God's Battle Axe: Trump's New Favorite Doctor Is Also (Surprise) a Homophobe

Wednesday July 29, 2020

On Tuesday when asked about the new Internet sensation he helped cultivate, President Donald Trump called Dr. Stella Immanuel "impressive." Overnight, the Nigerian-educated, Texas-based doctor, who is also a minister, has become part of the debate over COVID-19 that divides the country over the virus. Perhaps Dr. Fauci should be worried.

What caught Trump's attention was a viral video in which she pushes the use of hydroxychloroquine as a cure. On Monday he retweeted the video, as did his son, calling it a must-see. But upon the video's being fact-checked, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feverishly attempted to take it down for violations of their policies on sharing misinformation related to the coronavirus. By then it had gone viral.

But "God's battle axe," as she calls herself, responded to Facebook with a tweet:

On the video Dr. Immanuel stands before a group of doctors that call themselves "America's Frontline Doctors," with the Supreme Court as a backdrop. On it, she shares "misleading claims about the virus, including that hydroxychloroquine was an effective coronavirus treatment and that masks did not slow the spread of the virus," writes the New York Times.

But views on the coronavirus are not the only controversial ones by the outspoken Dr. Immanuel. In her other role as a firebrand minister, she runs the Fire Power Ministries, which was founded in 2002, reports She is every inch a God's Warrior: "Her attitude toward demonic forces has been described as cut-throat, a warrior to the core. She believes her call as a prophetess is to teach God's wounded army of believers violent warfare- her motto 'the violent taketh it by force'!" reads her biography on her Facebook page.

It no surprise that she's homophobic. In a Facebook posting on her church's ministry site this past December, she wrote: "MY ANSWER TO A GIRL WHO WANTED TO KNOW IF BEING GAY WILL TAKE HER TO HELL. Being gay is a stronghold. Some people struggle with stealing, some with lust, some lying, fornication, drug addiction, drinking, smoking etc. So having a homosexual desire and resisting it does not take you to hell but practicing and celebrating it will take you to hell just like practicing and celebrating fornication lying etc. So many Christain (sic) will go to hell not because they are the worst but because they practice sin with no repentance."

Then on February 13, Heavy reports: "Immanuel reposted a post from Dr. Luana Stines on Facebook. The photo showed former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg embracing his husband, Chasten. The post begins with the words, 'Has the MORAL COMPASS of America tipped its scale so far into the pit of hell that homosexuality has become the norm?' Another section of the post reads, 'If we don't STAND AGAINST SUCH VILE WICKEDNESS, sodomy will overtake the next generation!'"

You can watch a portion of the video here. Note: her claims have been repeatedly disputed by the medical establishment.

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