*HOAX* Survivor Slaps Huckabee and Kim Davis with $1.2 Lawsuit for Using 'Eye of the Tiger'

Wednesday September 9, 2015

Since first publishing this piece, EDGE has learned that we have been hoaxed. At this time, there is no lawsuit pending involving Survivor and Mike Huckabee and Kim Davis. The NBC cited in this article is a fake news website and has no affiliation with NBC News. Paul Horner, the Harvard Law Professor quoted by NBC in this article is fictitious as well. While there is precedent in this case to support a lawsuit, usually such cases are settled out of court.

Mike Huckabee's unauthorized use of the 1980's classic "Eye of the Tiger" at the rally to celebrate the release of Kim Davis from her 6-day jail stint has apparently angered members of the band Survivor so much that they've slapped the 2016 GOP presidential hopeful and the defiant county clerk with a $1.2 million lawsuit. NBC reports.

Paul Horner, a professor at Harvard Law School, spoke with NBC and thinks the '80s band has a strong case against Huckabee and Davis.

"Mike Huckabee and Kim Davis had no permission to use the song, bottom line," Horner said. "This whole incident is in the national public spot light right now, and Huckabee is running for president; he should have known better."

Yahoo Music reports Peterik made a formal statement to Billboard Tuesday about the song's use at the rally.

"I was very surprised and dismayed at the misuse of the song I co-wrote with Frankie Sullivan for Rocky lll," he said. "The song has motivated thousands through the years to reach beyond their limits. Its use for the release of Kim Davis does not support my views or my politics. I have contacted my publishers to make sure this usage is stopped immediately."