Gay Porn Star Josh Weston Dead at 39

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Wednesday December 19, 2012

Media outlets are reporting that gay porn star Josh Weston died on Sunday, Dec. 16 from HIV related complications at the age of 39. According to AVN News, Hot House Videos, a San Francisco-based gay porn studio, confirmed Weston's death in a blog post.

"Adult Superstar Josh Weston succumbed to HIV-related complications on Sunday, December 16," the blog reads. "He was 39 years old. Weston started his career in 2001 as a Falcon Exclusive, starring in some of their biggest hits from the early 2000s. After leaving that contract he went on to work with other studios including Hot House where he headlined our hits 'Trunks 3' and 'Communion.' Always warm and friendly and ready to laugh, Josh was loved by many and will be missed by all."

Weston entered the porn industry in 2001 when he signed with Falcon Studios. The Sword's Zach noted that he "began his career as a dancer at the Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco, and after being discovered there by Chi Chi LaRue, he quickly became one of the decade's most iconic performers. Weston's later work with several bareback studios was seen by some as controversial, but his flawless physique and legendary performances are what, I think, will be remembered most."

According to Pink News, Weston performed in bareback porn while working for a company called Slut Machine; but the article points out, "it is not known whether Weston was living with HIV at the time of the filming." The porn star was working on a memoir called "Sleeping My Way to the Bottom."

Al's Gay Porn Stars writes that Weston was a "versatile performer who stands about five-feet, 10-inches tall" and that he hailed from Nevada where he was "a keen athlete, swimmer and diver." The blog post goes on to say that while attending college Weston "studied sports fitness and got a job as a personal trainer."

He later moved to San Francisco and "was named performer of the year in the 2003 GayVN awards and then courted controversy when he switched to bareback movies."

Earlier this year the porn industry lost superstar Erik Rhodes, who died of a heart attack on June 14 at the age of 30. The beefcake porn star struggled with drugs and depression for years and made his challenges public via his blog and Tumblr.

Additionally, porn actor Dror Barak, better known as Roman Ragazzi, took his own life on Feb. 25 at the age of 38 and the handsome Corbin Fisher model "Sean" also died unexpectedly this year.