George Will: The LGBT Community is Full of ’Sore Winners’

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Monday March 3, 2014

It may come as no surprise to some that certain members of the GOP, and conservatives nationwide, were upset that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the anti-gay bill SB 1062, which would have allowed business owners to refuse service to LGBT in the name of religion. The latest to complain about Brewer's decision is Fox News pundit George Will, who said the LGBT community is full of "sore winners."

The Huffington Post reports Will, a frequent Fox contributor, appeared on a Fox News panel Sunday, where he discussed the highly controversial anti-gay bill that was eventually vetoed by the Republican governor.

"It's a funny kind of sore winner in the gay rights movement that would say, 'A photographer doesn't want to photograph my wedding -- I've got lots of other photographers I could go to, but I'm going to use the hammer of government to force them to do this.'... It's not neighborly and it's not nice," Will said. "The gay rights movement is winning. They should be, as I say, not sore winners."

Will isn't the only ultra right-winger to blast Brewer's decision. In a separate HuffPo article, the news site aggregated Tweets by conservatives upset over SB 1062's outcome.

"Not sure what the GOP stands for when it stands against religious freedom out of pure fear of political correctness," Ben Shapiro wrote on Feb. 26.

"Brewer veto shows that poorly informed hysteria works," pundit Rich Lowry tweeted.

"Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer makes Christians in her state second class citizens," Fox News pundit Todd Starnes said.

Despite the backlash, many Democrats and LGBT activists and some Republican lawmakers, like Sen. John McCain, lauded Brewer.

Watch Will make his remarks below: