Watch: 'All Lives Matter' Protestors Break into Violent Anti-LGBTQ Chants

Monday July 27, 2020

Watch: 'All Lives Matter' Protestors Break into Violent Anti-LGBTQ Chants
  (Source:Screen cap / KDKA)

A Black Lives Matter rally this past weekend in Shaler Township - a community near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - drew "Back the Blue" counter-demonstrators who waved "thin blue line" flags and wore T-shirts supportive of Donald Trump... and called for the murders of LGBTQ Americans.

Pittsburgh news channel KDKA reported on the July 25 BLM rally and the counter-protest that formed across the street. At one point, the news report said, "Back the Blue" demonstrators began to migrate into the street that separated the two groups. Local police were on hand to keep events from spiraling out of control, and both groups eventually left the scene.

But not before a shocking twist, as a leader of the "Back the Blue" counter-protest began screaming "Kill transgenders!" through his megaphone.

Twitter user Fifty Shades of Whey was on hand to record the telling moment when violent anti-LGBTQ rhetoric reared into the picture, with the chant of "Kill transgenders" quickly devolving even further into chants of "Kill faggots! Kill faggots!"

Groans of disapproval can be heard from the ranks of the BLM demonstrators as the chats start up.

The tweet garnered an insightful reply from another user, who lamented, "What saddens me is that not one person walked away when he went on this vile rant. And they call people wearing masks 'Sheeple'."

The news report interviewed people form both groups. The BLM supporters wore face masks against the spread of COVID-19; the "Back the Blue" counter-protestors did not.

Watch the KDKA news clip below.

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