Ex-Breitbart Editor has a Major Problem with Gay Character on Kids' Show 'Arthur'

Thursday May 16, 2019

The PBS kids show "Arthur" made headlines this week after it was revealed that a character (teacher Mr. Ratburn) is gay and got married to his partner in the premiere episode of its 22nd season. But not everyone is celebrating the moment of inclusivity, especially one former editor for the conservative website Breitbart.

The Washington Post reports Sebastian Gorka, who also served as a former White House aide, took to his Salem Radio Network program Tuesday to rally against "Arthur" and its depiction of a same-sex wedding.

"This is a war for our culture, and that's why we exist here, on 'America First,' on the Salem Radio Network," Gorka, who was a spokesman for Trump on national security before leaving the White House in 2017, said.

He went on to say that he's taking issue with the special moment because his children watched "Arthur," which first started on PBS back in 1999.

"My children used to watch 'Arthur' 15 years ago, about a rodent-like creature that lived and had fun in his cartoon world," he said. "The new season of 'Arthur' will have one of Arthur's teachers at school, a male teacher, married to a fellow male rodent."

He added the same-sex wedding highlighted cultural divides in America.

"Did you have any questions about there being a culture war, ladies and gentlemen?" Gorka said. "Did you have any doubt in your mind?"

He also tweeted about the "Arthur" episode, writing, "For anyone living in a cave who missed that there's a culture war."