Here's How Long Milo Yiannopoulos was on Patreon Before Getting Banned

Thursday December 6, 2018

Not long after it was reported that he was $2 million in debt, openly gay alt-right provocateur and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos attempted a "marvelous 2019 comeback" by launching an account on the crowdfunding/membership platform Patreon...except that did not exactly pan out the way he hoped.

The Verge is reporting that his time on Patreon lasted just one day.

"Milo Yiannopoulos was removed from Patreon as we don't allow association with or supporting hate groups on Patreon," the company said in a tweet.

Though he's never called himself a white supremacist, leaked emails published last year linked him with white nationalists as did a video that surfaced showing him singing at karaoke with neo-Nazi Richard Spencer while a crowd gives Nazi salutes.

Yiannopoulos, who has been banned from Twitter, later took to Instagram to share an email that was apparently sent by Patreon, Splinter points out. In the letter, the company said he was banned for his "past association with the Proud Boys, though recently disavowed, is a breach of our guidelines."

"I've had a miserable year or two, banned and de-platformed and censored and blacklisted," Yiannopoulos wrote in his now deleted Patreon profile.

He was asking fans to help him start a weekly late-night TV talk show and to help him "pay essential staff and service providers," The Verge reports. In return, patrons would get rewards like "free Milo ringtones," signed posters of himself and an "elite-tier Milo coffee mug." Those who forked over at least $500 a month would have gotten Yiannopoulos to call them on their birthday. Those who paid $750 a month would have Yiannopoulos "fly to you and take you and a friend out for dinner once a year."

Earlier this week The Guardian reported Yiannopoulos is $2 million in debt — documents were made available thanks to a lawsuit in Australia. Nevertheless, he reportedly told the newspaper he's "doing fine and bringing in $40K U.S. a month."

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