Nearly Half of Educators Support Teachers Coming Out to Students

by Brittany Ferrendi

South Florida Gay News

Saturday December 30, 2017

Coming out could risk your job, but nearly half of educators would support it.

A survey by Educator Political Perceptions found that 47 percent of K-12 teachers, school employees and district leaders would "completely support" LGB teachers from coming out ot their students.

"I feel like that's a part of their identity as a human being," Associate Head of School at Oakwood Friends School Anna Bertucci said. "They shouldn't have to hide a part of their social identity because it might offend someone."

Eight percent "somewhat support" coming out and 20 percent "neither support nor oppose."

"I've had gay and lesbian teachers who have been out to their students and others who felt like they couldn't come out to their students," Principal of Crest Ridge High School James Frank said. "We expect teachers to be professional."

Meanwhile, 8 percent were "somewhat opposed" and 10 percent "completely opposed" it.

The nationally representative sample looked at 1,112 respondents, 942 of which answered the poll concerning LGB teachers.

"I don't think our sexuality is any of students' business. Straight or gay," said Reading Specialist Laura Hansen.

The U.S. does not have federal anti-discrimination policies, meaning teachers could still be fired for coming out.

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