LA Gym Allegedly Discriminates Against Trans Woman

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Thursday October 31, 2013

A manager from an LA Fitness health club in Montclair, Calif. (about 35 miles east of Los Angeles), is being accused of telling a transgender woman she could not use the women's locker rooms and restrooms, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Yanel Valenzuela says after the gym's manager allegedly told her she could no longer use the club's facilities she suffered from "emotional stress" and says she doesn't "think it was fair."

"I felt hurt because I don't understand why she did it. She had no reason. She had no complaints from anyone," Valenzuela said.

The incident occurred after Valenzuela told another employee shared her transitioning story and that she wanted a workout catered to her needs.

Valenzuela showed the manager her California's driver's license, which says she is a female and even a letter from her doctor that states she was born a man, but it did not persuade the manager.

"I hope this never happens to anybody again because it's not fair for me to be disrespected in front of clients and the members that come here," Valenzuela said.

According to reports, LA Fitness officials are aware of the incident, and a number of the gym's female clients said they wouldn't have a problem with Valenzuela using the women's locker room.

Valenzuela says she plans on switching to another gym.