Nevada Lawmakers Strike Down Hate Crimes Bill

by Deb Weinstein

Associated Press

Tuesday April 26, 2011

CARSON CITY, Nev. - A bill that would make it a hate crime to attack an individual based on gender expression or identity died in the Senate Monday.

Lawmakers voting against the SB 180 were largely Republican, with one exception: Sen. John Lee of North Las Vegas. Lee voted for two other anti-discrimination bills which cleared the chamber: SB 368 which prevents housing discrimination based on gender identity or expression and SB331, which prevents such discrimination at places of public accommodation, such as hotels and hospitals.

Lee says voted for the fair housing and accommodation bills based on compassion that God's creatures deserve a place to lay their heads. Lee said he could not support SB 180 because it would require education about gender expression. He also said current law extends adequate protection.

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