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50 Years in 50 Weeks: Rex's Rare 1991 Interview

by Jim Provenzano

Bay Area Reporter

Thursday August 26, 2021

Queer Nation, B101, the Persian Gulf invasion v1.0; 1991 packed in the drama.

But instead of attempting to draw a big picture of the Bay Area Reporter's expansive year of coverage in arts and nightlife that year, let's zoom in, dot by dot, to a rare January 3 interview with Rex, whose erotic images might have answered the question, "What if Georges Seurat was a late-20th-century South of Market leather man?"

The prolific and reclusive artist, known for detailed, sexually-charged male imagery, spoke of his purpose, after enduring censorship from publishers and art galleries.

"The artist exists to make waves. You have to take chances. Do whatever people don't want you to say or do or be. The forbidden has power."

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