What's in his Crotch? British Man Stopped for Suspicious Bulge

Sunday September 29, 2019

A British man was stopped by a store manager and asked about a suspicious bulge in his pants last Sunday.

Steve Whitehurst, 47, explained he was out shopping with girlfriend Mandy Shenton, 46, at Scotts Menswear when he was stopped by the store manager, according to the Daily Sun.

The encounter occurred when Whitehurst was at the register. He had been buying £400 (nearly $500)-worth of stuff when the manager asked about his bulge. Whitehurst says he "has to roll up his manhood."

"I had very tight jeans on that day and there was a bulge, yes, but that's not illegal. I can't help the way I'm made,'" he told the newspaper.

To prove his point, Whitehurst dropped his trousers and stood in his underwear. Still, the manager asked, "What's that bulge?"

He said he then went to a cubicle with a male security guard.

"I dropped my boxers. He shook his head and ran out and spoke with the manager. I heard her say, 'Please tell me he's got something down there,' and the guy said, 'No,'" he recalled.

Whitehurst called the incident the "craziest experience of my life" and has complained to the company.

"He was picking up and dropping a lot of items," said one source, adding that store personnel found a missing electronic tag in a jacket he tried on.

"When they cornered him he became very abusive," the source said.

JD Sports, which owns Scotts Menswear, gave a statement about the incident, according to the Daily Sun.

"The customer in question was exhibiting suspicious behavior and, when the store manager confronted the customer, he became abusive," the store said. "At no point did any colleague ask the customer to remove any clothing.'"

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