Thailand's Leading Modeling Agency Announces Transgender Board


EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday January 24, 2015

Apple Model Management Agency, Thailand's leading modeling agency, has announced the worldwide launch of its new Transgender board. Claiming to be the very first in the world to represent transgender models, the agency is at the forefront of a positively changing trend in the fashion industry.

Although transgender models have always been widely accepted in Thailand, the advent of the number of transgender women successfully rising to fame mainstream sparked the idea of creating the transgender board. "We felt we could fill a gap that has been long overdue in the model industry, which is constantly looking for new style and trend," Noam Lev, the agency director, stated.

The demand for transgender models is growing as the world has become more accepting, especially in developed countries and in the leading fashion markets: New York, Paris and Milan. The support from educated and open-minded clients around the world also helps propagate the trend as they book transgender models for modeling jobs, including Andreja Pejic and Lea T, who are both rising to the top of the field.

The Modeling Industry's Future

The project started in 2013 when Apple scouted for models on the street, through contests, universities and word of mouth. A casting call was held at the agency that narrowed the number of aspiring applicants down to the current 15 who successfully met their requirements: a height of at least 5'8", aesthetically proportioned body measurement, beautiful face, outgoing personality and favorable character.

"To their advantage, transgender models are usually tall, extremely gregarious and appealing, hardworking and can withstand the pressure that comes with the trade," Noam Lev explained. They also take modeling very seriously and strive really hard to succeed."

Noam Lev (Scouting and Placement Director) and Siwaporn Hotarapawanond (PR and Marketing Director) founded Apple Model Management Agency in May 2002. Noam worked in an interior and architectural design firm from Los Angeles and Siwaporn was a Thai model and actress when they met. Noam fell in love with the country, relocated to Bangkok and they decided to open a modeling agency together and took on the roles suited to their expertise.

In the long term, Lev hopes that Apple will be able to represent the very best transgender models, not only from Thailand, but from all over the world and book them with top clients in the best markets of the fashion and commercial industry.