Watch: X-Rated Gay Film Shot at Acropolis Leads to Advanced Security Measures

Sunday June 26, 2022

The scene at the Acropolis late last year moments before a X-rated gay scene was filmed at the historical site.
The scene at the Acropolis late last year moments before a X-rated gay scene was filmed at the historical site.  (Source:Internet Archive)

Last December there was outrage in Greece when it was learned that a gay sexscene was filmed at the ionic Acropolis, the country's most historical and architecturally significant site.

"The 36-minute short film, titled 'Xeparthenon' — meaning 'deflowering' inGreek— was shot by anonymous producers at the site that symbolized 'nationalism, the cult of Antiquity' and 'patriarchy,'" wrote the Independent last December.

This past week, the Daily Mail reports, installed a a sprawling CCTV system at theUNESCOWorld Heritage Site to monitor activity at the historical site.

Officials justified the action by condemning the film.

"It was a lewd, terribly lewd act," Ioannis Mavrikopoulos, the head guard at the Acropolis said. "It marked the most disgraceful affront to the sanctity of the site. It's not just the dangers that the monuments on the site face from vandalism and other activities, but the improper activities that take hold that call for extra security,"reported the Daily Mail.

"The film was first showcased at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in December but grabbed the attention of authorities in early January after it emerged online," added the Independent.

"The clip showed two men, wearing face covers, engaging in sexual acts at the ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens in full view of tourists and local public, reportedGreek Reporter."

At the time, authorities attempted to locate those behind the films, while they described it as an "act of political activism" who chose the Acropolis because of its symbolism.

"Some of us are subject to physical and verbal violence for our choices and expressions of sexuality... we will live our love and sexuality as we wish and we will defend the existence in public, but also the coexistence, of all sexualities that do not violate the self-disposition of our bodies," the statement by film producers said.

"The choice of the Parthenon is not accidental. It works for many as a symbol of nationalism, commercialisation, mass culture and puritanism."

Watch the NSFW film below. The x-rated sequence begins at the 24:00 minute mark: